I just got my Treo 300 yesterday (and am still pissed I can't even use it with my Mac) but I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not I can get my company e-mail on it somehow. We have it on a POP server at an ISP, not behind our firewall at the office. Ive looked through the users manual and maybe I missed something but there doesn't seem to be any info about it.

Also FYI, I am using my Treo as we speak to talk to people, Sprint activated voice service on it using my old plan but won't give me a Vision plan until Sunday. This also means that you can buy a Treo and keep your old Free and Clear plans if you want. Data will then cost 2 cents per kilobyte.

If anyone can help with my POP mail question, drop me a line or IM me at KStateJake.