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    I've procrastinated enuf and figure the new stock of 90's with the problems fixed should be shipping

    Remaining question is where to buy and of course to get it at the lowest possible price

    Price being equal or very close, I am leaning towards a net purchase thru Staples. What is the best current coupon deal available ???? I know there was a $50 but a check of the archives here seems to indicate it has expired ?

    Of course I would appreciate the help of anyone who can point me to THE very best $$$$ deal on the 90 shipped

    Am reluctant to go e-bay route expecting a good chance of getting one of the problem childs

    Comments ?
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    i bought thrugh staples, and had the $40 discount. my out the door cost was $257.39, including the $17.40 for tax. this was still a bunch better then handspring ($299)

    if you can find a bid on ebay for less then this, + shipping, great, go for it

    what stunk was the $55.22 for a stylus 3-pack and flip case. i ordered before i recieved my treo, and noticed the $10 off anything at the handspring site cupon in the box when you register.

    oh well, still the best $$ ive spent (on a palm at least).
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    See . Several codes listed, apparently for $40. Haven't tried any myself, since I used the earlier coupon. Comments at that site suggest Staples is pro-active in checking the Net for unauthorized posting of coupon codes. To avoid that, try typing in your browser, so there's no "referrer" info attached. (hehehe) In any event, a few of them listed expire midnight today, Friday 8/9, others die 9/15.

    Another good (!!) listing:

    Note: I have the IE5x toolbar installed in my browser. I entered "staples coupon", with the quotes, and got a nice page of hits. Some bogus in terms of timing, but others = worth the hunt. Toolbar is free.
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    Bought mine @ staples for $279. One good thing is that they have a 2 year extended warranty for $39 that includes a couple of screen replacements. The way they explained it is that with the color models like the 90, they're very compact and integrated -- meaning that most of the time you get a new replacement instead of a repair. And with a 2 year warranty you get the lastest release of the handheld at the time of replacement.
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    I am impressed that you think you will be satisfied with the Treo 90 for at least 2 years. My experience has been that the functionality of the new devices drive me toward replacements sooner than 2 year. Also, I have never cracked a screen... though I have had some units die.
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    Well, it's not necessarily a 2-year type of thing, but, with the cracks and faults of the prism (I had 3 replaced during the past 1 1/2 years) I figured that I would have my treo replaced a couple of times -- and -- if the screen gets too screwed up -- well I sure hope it doesn't crack -- but if it does I'm covered, eh?

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