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    Have had a chance to play with it for a while now. I like it in general. I had previously owned a Treo 90 (for about 1 day) and also a samsung SPH I300 for a couple of weeks. By comparison, it seems as if the Treo 300 screen is brighter than the SPH I300 but slightly more pixelated (I believe this is because the I300 had a smaller more compact screen?). Overall the screen is not bad but of course nothing compared to a Pocket PC. I did not expect it to be stellar. To me this is a palm -- it is an organizer, not a pocket computer... and the bonus is that it's integrated into my phone. Someday I may get a pocket PC but for now I have no use for something that powerful.

    I like the integration of the phone and palm much better than what was done on the I300. It is more intuitive to switch back and forth between palm / phone modes, at least for me. I also like the dialing mechanism better. The one thing that pisses me off a bit is that each time I flip the lid on the thing it defaults to phonebook mode no matter what. I bet there is a way to change this. In a way kind of good, as this is afterall a phone first and a palm second (sort of).

    The keyboard is great. I love it, I knew I would. I have used graffiti for 4+ years and I am quite good at it, but the keyboard IMHO is far better. This debate could rage on for weeks so lets not go there, but for those of you who would prefer a keyboard this device is great. I had the SnapNType for my I300 for a while, and while I like it it was too bulky. It's obviously very advantageous to have keyboard integrated into one small unit.

    Size wize it's wider than my I300 but about the same thickness. It feels maybe slightly ligther. It is more sleek in my pocket, just a subjective comment I guess, but it feels a lot less bulky when I am walking around with it. Also the built in case (flip phone design) really removes the need for any sort of protective leather case (unless you want a belt clip or a leather case just for fun) so it is slimmer in regard to not needing an extra case for it.

    The stylus sucks, but that is easily remedied. I pray that Pentopia will come out with a good Chameleon stylus for this thing.

    Backlit keyboard is essential. Treo 90 and 180 owners, think about an upgrade for this reason alone.

    Voice calls / reception. Well since I can't actually use it to place 'real' calls yet this remains to be seen somewhat, but I was on the phone for over 1.5 hours with various people at *2 and also while driving through the appalachins. I lost signal and one point and the call dropped, but this is a well known dead spot and my other phone always dropped there too. Voice quality is probably a little bit less than the SCH 8500 samsung or the samsung I300, but not by much. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it is a new phone and I have not learned to place the phone in the correct position for listening / talking yet. Volume is way more than enough unless you are completely deaf (literally) and the speakerphone also works very well (MUCH bettter than the speaker phone on the I300). I was actually making dinner, washing my hands etc while talking to the people at *2 and was able to carry on a reasonably coherent conversation. There are multiple volume levels (4 or 5 I think?) for both speakerphone and handset mode, so you can accomodate a variety of situations.

    I like the ability to use the numbers on the KEYBOARD while in a phone call. This is really pretty cool, as with the I300 you had to have the screen on and use the buttons on the touch screen. With the Treo 300 you can simply hit the numbers on the keyboard to dial digits etc. And the phone automatically defaults to the 'number lock' position when you are in phone mode for this purpose. THis kind of helps with "blind dialing" once you get used to the keyboard layout I Suppose.

    I need to get that hack where you can reprogram the buttons on the treo. While preferences let you reprogram some, I want to reporgram the button that default launches Blazer to actually be the "home" button as right now you have to press "function-home" to get to the home screen (too much effort for something I use a lot). I know there is a hack for this when I have time I will find it (anyone mention the name or the link please?)

    Of interest -- I think Blazer may actually be in the ROM on these phones?? I did not have to install it when it came out of the box it was there, and also there is no way to delete it from the phone if you try to look for it. Could be just hidden I suppose. But when I did a complete hard reset Blazer was still there. Odd but cool.

    Also this phone has a built in SMS application (unlike I300) have not used it yet of course (or doubt I will use it much) but cool to still have that as built in feature. I know there are apps on the I300 that will do this same thing, but out of the box it's nice to have this.

    Jog dial -- I love it. I know the I300 had sort of a similar feature with the scroll buttons on the side but the jog dial for me seems to work better and is more intuitive. Definitely a huge plus.

    Overall, this is the most intuitive smart phone I have used to date (granted I've only owned one prior to this). I really like it, it seems easy to use.

    Bummers: no BUILT IN voice dial as with I300 or other sprint phones. You have to use Sprints' Voice Command service -- but it seems as if (in the manual at least) that this will be a standard free feature with all 3g service? I could be wrong here though...

    Other bummer -- screen seems to be very sensitive to pressure. You can see the LCD display flicker / distort when you just lightly press the screen to dial numbers etc. Didn't see this much pressure sensitivity with my I300. Maybe I am too rough. Oh well.

    No extendable antenna. Does this really matter any more? I don't think this phone will do analog at all (or will it? I'll have to check) so in that case maybe an extendable antenna will not really matter anyway. I know a lot of I300 owners simply took theirs off. One thing though, there is an antenna "nub" that can't be removed on this -- like a little short stubby antenna 'ala old school Nokia style. Pictures show this if you look at them.

    Ok I'm off to bed. Will post more tomorrow if any of you have specific questions. Unfortunately won't be able to test any of the 3g stuff until probably all of you are able to buy this in stores anyway.
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