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    I have a Treo 300, anyone know if there is a way to sync it with Mac OSX? Are there USB drivers for Treo's and Mac OSX? the treo 300 only came with PC software.....
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    I'm guessing here, but most likely you'll have to do what everyone who has a Treo 270 or 180 and Mac OSX has had to do: Download Palm Desktop 4.0 (free from for Mac OSX, and hotsync as usual.

    You'll have to run the Treo Configure program in OS9 first, since it's not OSX native. Get your settings in place, then boot back into X and download and install Palm Desktop 4.0.

    Handspring doesn't officially support this configuration (and I don't blame them, because Palm's OSX version is a bit buggy at times). But I do wish they'd do something about it. Make their own "tweaked" version, or something, at least of the Treo Configure Program, so that people wouldn't assume that it's not compatible at all.

    In a few months, all of this mess will hopefully be settled with Apple's iSync, which is supposed to sync Palm devices (among other things) with Apple's new iCal and Address Book aps in Jaguar (10.2). Whether or not this will work with the Treo is a mystery, but my guess is that it will, if for no other reason than that Apple sells Handspring products (Visors only so far, no Treos)in its retail stores, so it will want them supported in OSX.

    Another classic case of developers (aka Palm) dropping the ball on proper support for Apple's new OS, and Apple having to pick up the pieces and design something that actually works. The upside is that when Apple takes the reigns itself, the product tends to be much better integrated into the OS in the long run for the end user.
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    ayeee... no deal.... I uninstalled all palm software... downloaded the palm desktop treo version..... won't sync when booted into 9...... the system profilers shows the usb device is present.... but its totally unknown to the system...

    in your system profiler, does it show the usb device listed as a handspring or something specific?

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    I have attempted to sync my Treo 300 in OS 9.2 and OS X this evening and had no luck. On the OS X machine the software never fires on the workstation and the handheld freezez for 2 to 3 minutes.

    On my OS 9.2 machine the system can't identify the hardware and attempts to find software on the internet.....

    I have successfully sync'd with a Windows ME machine.

    I have a Handspring Prism that syncs flawlessly with OS X so I am beginning to becom skeptical on the 300.
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    intractv, same deal here... sync's fine with my win2k machine..... I can get it to partially sync with my tipb over IRDA, but it stops when it gets to a large file....

    one interesting note, if I just plug in the usb cable without the treo plugged into it, the system profiler sees nothing... when I plug in the treo, then plug in the usb cord it sees the device, but just lists it as a Class C.... and nothing else....

    too bad this work work via USB, are there any other generic USB drivers that might work with this?

    I just ordered the treo serial hotsync cable.... at least I know I can get that to work via my keyspan high speed usb to serial adapter....
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    My Treo 90 didn't sync with OS X, either, out of the box. Handspring says there's a USB update that needs to be made in the future...

    ...but someone (maybe on this board?) suggested trying the Missing Sync (from Mark/Space,, and that did indeed get my Treo 90 working flawlessly with OS X (including the Entourage conduit). Can't guarantee that it'll work for you with the Treo 300, but maybe someone with a 300 can take the $20 plunge for Missing Sync and report back for all the rest?
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    For me this is the all-important question... "Does this software or any other allow me to synch a Treo 300 with my Mac". If answer is yes I'm buying one today. If answer is no... bye bye Treo.

    Anybody out there have a definitive answer?.... Please?....
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    I don't claim to have any magic, but my guess is that the current versions of the Palm Desktop for Mac-OS available on the Handspring website don't contain the programming code necessary to recognize the new Treo 300. And since you can't (yet) purchase a Treo 300 from Handspring directly (as you can with the other Treo models), Handspring won't provide Mac compatible support to the Treo 300 until they begin to sell it themselves.

    Again, this is just pure guessing on my part. We Mac loyalists can only hope that Handspring comes to the rescue sooner so we can go buy the Treo 300 now from Sprint!
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    OK, I got it working...... here is what and how:

    after about 6 hours of trying to get the Treo 300 to sync via usb in mac os 9 and x, I ordered the treo serial sync cable..... the cable is the same for the 270 and 300.....

    I am using a keyspan high speed usb to serial adapter, plugged into the treo serial sync cable which is plugged into the treo 300, all is good with Mac OS 10.15 and palm deskop 4..

    hopefully someone will come out with a usb driver for the treo 300 and mac os x......
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    I am also quite frustrated over this whole Hotsyncing with my Mac OS X and Palm Desktop 4.0 deal. My Treo 300 locks up when I hit the sync button, whether in or out of the USB cradle. So far all I have used my stylus for is resetting, at least 20 times while trying to get this Hotsync stuff to work. I'm pretty disappointed after spending $550 for Treo 300 and a USB cradle and the thing won't sync. It also won't work for me under 9, and I have basically tried everything.

    Other than this major complaint, the Treo 300 is awesome.
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    the treo will not sync with mac os 9 or X using the USB cable.... you need the treo serial cable....
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    So then what interface would you suggest using to plug the serial into my G4? Would a Belkin Serial -> USB work?

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    Directly from the Handspring Treo 300 FAQ:

    Q. Is Treo 300 Mac-compatible?
    A. Treo 300 is not Mac-compatible at this time.

    I guess we all get to put up with serial syncing until Handspring gets around to writing a Mac-OS USB driver for the Treo 300. Maybe a high-speed USB serial adapter (like the Keyspan mentioned earlier in this thread) would give fast enough syncs to be bearable for awhile. Ugh!
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    so Ive been waiting for this phone for months and now find it wont sync with my new g4! ugh. anyone running jaguar try to sync with the phone or any hope iSync may somehow have a plam usb driver thatll work with it? I can wait a few eeks for mac support, but i certainly want it to work well and work soon. anyone have any leads as to when "at this time" might expire? strikes me as very odd that Handspring, usually so pro-Mac, launched w/ no Mac support and no explanation on their support plans. and seems to be referring treo300 users to sprint for technical support, and based on previous sprint experience, waiting ion them for support will kill me. anybody got any news?
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    the treo 300 isn't recognized in OS 10.2, I tried it.....
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    I have a hard time understanding how it could be that the Treo 90 and the Treo 270 synch with Macintosh OS 9 (The Handspring website says so) but the Treo 270 doesn't, at least not without the workarounds suggested here.

    How different can the Palm/PDA portion of the Treo be between the 270 and the 300? I understand that the phone guts are different, but what's different about the Palm/PDA guts? Can someone please explain this puzzlement to me? (Thanks in advance for your reply.)

    On the Palm page for the Treo 300, they actually come out and tell Macintosh owners to consider the Treo 270 instead!

    This is very puzzling to me, and I doubt that the iSync coming from Apple is going to work with OS 9, which is my goal, but only Jaguar.

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    Just wanted to let you all know that I am running OS X 10.1.5, Palm Destop 4.0, Treo 300, and I purchased, downloaded, and installed Missing Sync for Clie and it worked beautifully for me. The $30 or whatever is worth it...hell, I already spent like $550 for the Treo and USB Sync Cradle.

    I still don't know if it will work for everyone else, but this solution worked. I am quite happy now.

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    Its a breeze with the MissingSync from Mark/space. The one for th4e CLIe works perfectly. Better than any earlier Palms I have had. Good luck.
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    Just installed missing sync and the 3.03 upgrade in a new 1Ghz G4 running OS X 10.2 and Treo 300 syncs perfectly. Very cool utility.

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    The Sony Clie series use a different chipset for USB communications than Visors and Palm pdas. That means that the USB driver has to be written differently for those pdas. This explains why these pdas wont talk to ordinary Palm Desktop for Mac and need a special version. It is only the HS Manager/driver that differs from version to version of Palm Desktop.

    I presume that Treo 90 and Treo 300 share this USB chipset with Sony and this would explain why the MissingSync works well with these pdas.
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