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    When I purchased my Treo 300 this morning I was informed of a mysterious 'issue' with the Blazer browser. I asked for more information and the guy couldn't tell me any details. The only information they had received was that there was a problem.

    Has anyone heard of a similar comment?

    I will be seriously dissapointed if the browser doesn't work....
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    Lacking any real information on the matter, I'd assume that since Handspring isn't selling the 300 at the moment, they may not be activating Blazer proxies for the new Treos (which would imply that the Treo is "officially" on sale) until Sunday, when PCS Vision goes online. Just a guess.
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    For what it's worth, I checked out the network settings on the Treo 300 in the Sprint PCS store in Union CIty, and it was set to Sprint Provisioning. When I went to access the Blazer it prompted that it was going to connect to the network for an "upgrade" which failed, most likely because the info thet are going to download isn't quite ready yet.
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    i used blazer on a 300 at the sprint store with no problems. went to several of the linked mobile sites and even tried slashdot (which worked but blazer had a hard time displaying all the tables and such with such a small screen).

    so whatever this issue is its either hard to find or only occurs occasionally
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    Their is no known issue with the Blazer browser. The only thing I can suggest is to head back and ask the sales rep what the heck they were talking about. Speak to a manager if necessary.


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