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    I have a Sprint Treo 650. I did the ROM thing so I could use a 4gb card with it. (I don't remember how I did it though.)

    I've backed it up with NVBackup, BackUpBuddy and BackUpMan so whenever I've had to hard reset I've been able to fully restore it very simply.

    It has been resetting A LOT lately so just in case I bought a used Sprint Treo 650 (and yes it has a clean ESN and all that). I didn't modify the ROM on it (don't want to mess it up) and don't want to activate it and move to it yet, but I want to be SURE that it will work identically with everything.

    I thought I could just copy my 4gb card (with the backups it has on it) to a 2gb SD card (just not copying pics and audio so it fits) and then put that card into the new 650 and "restore" from my latest NV backup. BUT when I did that, the programs and all show up fine on the new 650 itself, but it no longer sees that I have an SD card in! If I pull the card out it makes the proper sound, but when I push it back in, no sound and no recognizing that it's there (CardInfo says it sees something there but can't figure out the size, etc. and can't access it except to format it). I tried formatting the card using CardInfo, and it does sees it then, but as soon as I pull it out and put it back in, it doesn't see it again!

    I know that the SD slot works on the new phone because if I do a hard reset it sees the card fine, and it sees it even if I pull it out and put it back in.

    Help! Please! (If anyone very experienced with this is in So Cal, send me a private message even...)


    [UPDATE: For some reason I am unable to delete this thread, but I fixed this one issue.]
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