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    I've owned - and based my day to day life on - Palm products since 1997. Pilot, III, Vx, Treo 300 on forward. Stopped on the 755p because I found something that (mostly) worked, and didn't see the need to upgrade. The 755p was satisfying enough that when it started getting really beat up (3 years is a long time to hold onto a phone, no?), I went through the trouble to find a new OEM shell and perform a transplant. But I started thinking seriously about giving it up when I found myself in Australia last August with a broken power connector, and utterly unable to find a replacement (I ended up smashing the broken one open and taping the bare wires to the right parts, just to get enough charge to last me through my trip). Having opened myself to replacing it, all options were on the table. Fast forward to last month. Result? HTC EVO 4G. Review? I cannot believe that I wanted so long to walk away from Palm. Orders of magnitude more useful.

    All that to say - folks, give yourselves permission to move on. There's a whole new world out there that you'll be surprised you waited so long to join.
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    Hi Blacknell and thanks for posting!
    It's always good to hear from another 755p loyalist.
    I am still hanging on, although I have played with the 4g HTC evo and it's definitely nice, no doubt about it!
    There's something heroic about my 755p though and with my extended seidio battery I can still go 2 days w/o a charge. I heard that the evo is perfect except for the battery life...
    I hear you though, I have been thinking about an upgrade for a while but I can't quite justify the price. Been eyeing the iphone4 but still satisfied enough with the 755p to keep on trucking.
    Very cool that we are still watching this forum, I wonder how many of us are left!
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    I have already migrated to an HTC Incredible on Android 2.1 (and shortly 2.2).

    The migration was challenging, but not difficult, and there is no turning back.

    For the first week or so, I was carrying the 755p around to access data I hadn't moved over to the Dinc, but pretty much everything of importance I had on the 755p is now over on the Dinc.

    There are a handful of sites which assist Palm immigrants ease over to the Android platform.

    Mobile lawyering since 1988: Seiko --> Sharp Wizard --> Sharp Zaurus --> Palm III --> IIIx --> Vx --> m515 --> T|2 --> T|3 --> T|X --> Treo 755p --> HTC Droid Incredible
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    I too have had a Palm for years and won't be switching for a while, infact I switched cell company's so I could keep using a Palm Treo755p. I will be checking out new phones for the eventual shift but right now I don't want to invest the time and $ for the change. I have my programs and my info on this phone and it is a great substitute for a computer at my job. The one program I don't want to loose is Pocket Quicken for my Quicken bookkeeping system. I use it in my business and the switch would be significant. Bet there are a few out there that are waiting because of the overwhelming time and cost factor!!! Loyalty isn't the issue anymore.
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    Yeah, the migration isn't complicated, but it is definitely time consuming (and should be planned out well in advance).

    And yes, the primary complaint about the EVO is definitely the battery life. I'd gotten used to pretty bad life with my 755p (old battery), but I've frequently woken up to a dead phone on the nightstand. Not cool. I presume Seidio is working on a larger capacity battery.
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    Battery life was one of the complaints of the Pre. I was reading most newer smart phones have battery issues. A buddy of mine has an IPhone so I asked him how long his phone last before he had to recharge and I was surprised to find out my Pre outlasts his IPhone on a full charge. Just curious . . . what is the battery life on the EVO?

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    Battery life is abysmal, in comparison to a Treo. It absolutely needs to spend the night on a charger, if you want to get through the next day without worries. And if you've had a busy day out, checking email/using data, and don't put it in the charger, there's a fair chance it won't make it through the night. Not so much a problem for the day-to-day, perhaps, but that really sucks when you're traveling (i.e., when you need it most).

    Of course, all this should be taken in the context that your phone will be doing so much more than it did before. Sure, I could check flights, get (sorta) push email, listen to music/watch video/browse rich content before, but it was always so slow that it presented a high bar to casual use. It's easy on the EVO, so you do it more, so you suck down power more than you can believe.

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