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    So I spent $59 to buy the leading PC-Sync tool for Palm, only to find out that it doesn't properly map mobile phone numbers.

    These are copied into the palms "other" field with the prefix "Mobile:". Great, but now you cant dial these numbers correctly from the TREO, which scrambles the prefix.

    BTW: Afterwards they tell you this is by design and point to an article in their knowledge base!
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    Last night I did it. Installed Chapura PocketMirror to sync with my desktop at home. I use PM to sync Outlook Calendar and To-do at work, and Palm Desktop at home for everything.

    But I wanted to sync my T39 via Bluetooth... It comes with XtndConnect for Outlook only. So, I decided to sync with Outlook - everything, and then from there to the mobile.

    It works for me! I always force the sync, so I overwrite the mobile's memory, therefore not getting into the potential risk of having a number going into space - I have 500 entries in my address book.

    So far so good, but PM was a pain - mapping the custom fields wasn't easy.

    Let us know how Xtnd compares to Hotsync... Is it faster? Are syncing OL, Palm Desktop? What is that?

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