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    Have had a 90 for about a week -- using a 128mb SD card.

    Previously I had a Prism with a matchbook and had to do some manual moving of files / etc. as expected.

    Now I'm using Wordsmith and cannot find the "Card" option under catagories to move large documents to my SD card. The 'copy' part of the palm OS won't let me copy (or expecially move) individual files to the SD card.

    Am I missing something with Wordsmith working correctly, and / or / is there an app / utility that can let me manage files more effectively on the Treo?

    (sorry for sounding so lost - I'm an expert on the Prism - just learning the Treo)

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    this is not an answer to your question but rather a newbie question relating to Wordsmith.

    hope someone can help.

    my question is, supposing i copy a native ms word file to a SD/MMC card on my laptop then place the card in the Treo, can I view the native word file using Wordsmith (or any word file viewer) on the Treo without it going through the hotsync process?

    thanks in advance.
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    Originally posted by David Vitale
    {snip} is there an app / utility that can let me manage files more effectively on the Treo?
    Tried several freebies, but for $10, you'll fall in love. Super-easy to use. Even has program icons next to databases so you can quickly see which file goes with what program. Link = fully functional 7-day trial version, from PalmGear. (The screenshots are from an older version, and do not reflect the neat-oh program-association icons.)

    Be sure to play around with it. i.e., tap the icon in front of any file listed and a pop-up of options appears.
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    Kinda interesting - I tried FileMan and found that everything on my SD card was inside a "Palm" folder which I couldn't access. When I moved a program / file to the SD card outside of the 'palm' folder it wasn't accessable.

    As far as the Wordsmith issue -- I ran into some posting on the Yahoo Wordsmith site that talked about the fact that Wordsmith was not VFS friendly and didn't behave as advertised in the documentation. I also have a license for Docs to go and loaded that. That runs spectacularly with VFS. You can move files back and forth and even synch off of the card. The desktop app for docs to go will tell you if the file is on your SD card or on internal RAM. The only limitation I've found so far is that you can't set up catagories on the SD card -- you can just store the doc on the SD card -- but that's OK as I'm onily going to store static and very large docs there.
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    Filez at is good, but wasn't really intended for managing more than one file at a time.

    FileCaddy was just released as freeware an is great for moving more than one file at a time.

    Both can remove and restore individual backup files.

    With either one of these apps and BackupBuddyVFS Free, you're pretty well set of Treo file management.

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