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    Not to fan the flames to much (and hopefully not get too many), but I have heard/read from another unamed forum that Launcher X beta might be coming out next week. The direct quote is below:

    I sent an Email to him asking when the beta would be available as the shots show pictures from the beta. He informed me that it should be available next week. Don't know if this will be a public beta or one for registered users.
    and from fireball at cliesource:

    Topic: Launcher X beta next week
    They have from 12:01am august 11 up to 11:59pm august 17. But what timezone? Are their clocks synchronized with the atomic clock server? Are OUR clocks synced with theirs?

    NOTE: The sarcasm fireball writes with is from the pressure he's been getting to finish the update to the ClieSource website, not to the developers of Launcher X (that's my belief anyway).

    - Burns
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    It has some information about the release in there.
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    Getting very close now

    Did you just go near a burning hot river of lava or are you just happy to see me?

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