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    Still getting used to my Treo 90 and enjoying it quite a bit. I do find that I'm builiding up quite an ebook collection, and I'd like to put them on a SanDisk SD card. I saw a customer review on Amazon that seemed to indicate that there were some compatibility problems between Palm OS handhelds and (specifically) the 128 MB card. Something about a different controller, apparently.

    Anyone else have a similar problem? If so, I suppose I can get by with a 64 MB card. Otherwise, I might as well got the gusto with the 128; I'm sure I'll have need for the space eventually.

    By the way, how easy is it to use one of these SD cards? Do I just use the "copy" function to move the app or ebook in question? I have "Filez" on my Treo, so that may make it even easier.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me...
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    I got the 128MB card, and everything is working fine.
    the install dealy lets you install directly to the card, as long as it is in the device.

    it's quite nice, I've been putting some cartoon episodes on mine...
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    Straight from the horse's mouth:

    Why does my Treo 90 freeze when I try to format an SD card?

    Some early production SanDisk 128 MB SD cards cannot be formatted properly in Palm OS handhelds. Later SanDisk 128 MB SD cards include a patch that addresses this issue.

    You'll know if you have one of these cards when you try to format it in a Palm OS device such as Treo 90. While formatting, the device will freeze, and a soft reset must be performed to get the handheld out of the freeze.

    What do I do?
    If you just purchased the SanDisk 128 MB SD card, you should return it to the vendor from whom you obtained it. Explain that it is an early production card that does not work with Treo 90, and ask for a replacement card that was manufactured more recently.

    If you can't return it, we recommend you use another device, such as an SD card reader for a desktop computer, to do the formatting.

    SanDisk is reported to be working on a downloadable patch for Palm OS handhelds, which will enable users to format these early 128 MB SD cards directly on the handheld. When the patch becomes available, we will announce it here and link to it. Or, check with SanDisk for availability.

    Extra credit
    Although you may not be able to format the card in the handheld, you should be able to save to and read from it without trouble after formatting it elsewhere.
    Anybody on this board actually had this problem?
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    I had this problem since day one (well I guess since I bought the 128MB SD at the same day that I bought the Treo90 it's considered day one for both...).

    I tried to format the card (since it was a new card I didn't trust the formatting done by SanDisk) and it froze every time (soft resets between those times). I was pretty mad, but then I remembered I also bought a Zio SD to USB reader.
    So I just plugged it into my notebook and formatted it (using the standard Windows format command) and now it works perfect.

    It's a bit slower (SD access), but I guess I'm used to a bit faster devices (m515 and Clie NR70).

    Good luck,
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    I bought a SanDisk 128 about 3 days ago and had the same problem formatting with my Treo 90. Kinda interesting cause I bought one that had been returned for $79 (probably from someone having a similar problem). I also bought a mini-SanDisk read/write drivefor SD cards ($22), plugged it into my PC and voila - formatted just fine. Card works like a charm. For $22 (at best buy) these read/write drives are a great buy.

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    Thanx for the replies. I just ordered the 128 MB card from; we'll see if the luck of the draw deals me one of the new ones or one of the old ones with the format problems.

    If I do end up with one of the older ones and need to resort to another device in order to format it: David Vitale mentioned a read/write Sandisk mini-drive. David, is this the device you were referring to?

    It's described as a "SanDisk SD/MMC Card to PC Card Adapter" and SanDisk retails them direct for $39.99, although obviously I would just go to Best Buy for $22, if they're available. I just find so often that with this kind of newer technology, the help just doesn't know what I'm talking about when I shop for an item like this. Much better if I know exactly what I want, down to the exact model number if at all possible.

    And by the way, Schrader, where are you getting these cartoon episodes from? Just for fun, think it would be cool to put just one old Bugs Bunny short on one of these, and play it on my Treo.

    Thanks again for all the help, folks...
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    winmx - I just downloaded them
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    That's not what I was talking about. I couldn't find it on the SanDisk web site.

    Here's it is:

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    Hmm, I guess I trusted SanDisk and never tried to reformat.

    My SanDisk 128 MB is working just fine: most of the time. It does have problems when I run BackupBuddyVFS. Does this seem related to anyone? Should I go hunting for a SD reader so I can format the card elsewhere?

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    2 things -- it's actually a read/write device (for $22 if you can believe it).

    2nd - what problems with VFS Backup Buddy? I'm using JB Back and it works quite smoothly.
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    Well, whenever I tell BackupBuddyVFS to backup, it will go through the whole process, and give no error messages. However, I try to restore it tells me that there are "no restore files available" or something like that.

    JB Backup? Hmm, too bad I can't test whether the program words with my SD card before buying it.
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    I posted on other newsgroups several times on this issue. I doubt many will be able to format128 mb card on treo 90. I couldn't with hs support. I doubt you'll be successful. You'll likely need to buy card reader/writer which is nice in that you can add, subtract, organize files on card instantly like it's a hard drive.
    Also formats card quick. I would like to
    take a pole, but doubt many can format card on device - even though it's listed as an option.
    Also there are speed issues with card I'm not sophisticated enough to understand. How many of you have put large files on card (over 4mb) and have them running well. I'm very curious.
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    As the person who started this thread, I was surprised to read the latest post about predictions of gloom and doom with the 128 MB card. I just stuck it in the slot and off I went. My Treo 90 appears to have recognized the card and formatted it with no problem and I have about 15 MB worth of ebooks stored on it. No really long files, so I can't speak to that issue, but otherwise it seems to be working fine.
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    i have an sd card, ran ok from day one although it is a bit sluggish. (although i really don't have a baseline comparison as to how fast it should be running)

    Bought the card 1 week ago at future shop in Canada.
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    In reading the new SD I/O notes, it looks like the 128MB SanDisk issue was onof the bugs fixed. It seems that the issue is with the SanDisk part and not the Treo 90.
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    Where are you guys getting your e-Books?

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