Recently the speaker on my Treo 180 died.

I paid Handspring the US$25 and they shipped me a replacement unit and all went well.

Now some weeks later I have another problem. Today I tried to make a call and I got a message saying that the network failed - then I had option to dismiss or retry.

I had a green flashing light but no signal. I opted to reset the phone which immediately restored my phone to normal status and I was then able to use it.

ABout an hour later the same thing happened again. I reset and again all is fine. Now the phone keeps dying every hour or so.

Has anyone had a similar experience or any advice to offer ??

I have not yet contacted tech service, I felt that some prior knowledge may help when I finally make the call.

I must say I am very dissapointed. I have made excellent use of my treo and the thought of having to swap again is painfull.