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    It has been confirmed by numerous sources that the Treo 300 will be for sale from Sprint starting Thursday Aug 8th. $499 is going to be the Sprint pricing (I wonder what Best Buy will sell it for?). Supplies will be limited. Here are several reference articles on Thursday's launch of the 3G network.

    I am looking forward to seeing who posts the first Treo 300 review... :-)
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    The first article listed above refers to the Handspring Treo 370.....I assume this is a typo?
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    Aug 8th was the target date, but they are still fixing bugs of 3G network. I was told to wait till around 12th.
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    is it thursday yet? is it thursday yet? is it thursday yet? is it thursday yet?
    is it monday yet? is it monday yet? is it monday yet? is it monday yet?

    i'm gonna go nuts! that is, if my coworkers don't kill me first.
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    Palminfocenter says thursdays isn't the day for the treo 300/370.
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    I believe the Info World article where it mentions the Treo 370 is a typo for Treo 300.

    I spoke with the Sprint manger of the local store here and he has the Treo 300 in stock (3 of them) but is unable to sell them til Thursday. Several others in this forum have also talked with their local Sprint store & have verified other stores have the units and will begin selling Thurs (i.e. rjmoose).
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    Palminfocenter does states it will not be avail Thurs, but I strongly feel that is incorrect since local Sprint stores have them in stock and are stating they will be selling them Thurs.
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    Not that this is necessarily any more correct than what others have said, but here are some excerpts from a research report from Salomon Smith Barney discussing the 3G launch.


    "We have been tracking the signs for Sprint's upcoming "3G" launch, regarding
    the brand, launch date, price, and handset selection. Our checks have
    indicated that Sprint's new brand for its "3G" wireless data service is PCS
    Vision, which will be billed on bits and bytes, rather than minutes.

    On timing, we believe there is substantial confusion over the "official" launch
    date. Based on our channel checks, "3G" capable phones may go on sale in the
    indirect channels in stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City, beginning on
    August 8. The "official" launch in Sprint's direct stores may not occur until,
    at least, August 12, and may extend to August 19.

    On price, we find that Sprint PCS will build upon its national pricing
    schematic with its introduction of data, rather than become more aggressive for
    national voice minute pricing. We would emphasize the data pricing described
    in this report are indications and are still subject to change ahead of the
    launch. We have received indications that Sprint will maintain its current
    pricing for national voice minutes, which is constructive for the industry.
    However, the decision may limit the company's ability to improve its share
    relative to the aggressive pricing tactics of its competitors. We find the
    data pricing indications to still be somewhat expensive with a minimum
    increment of around $10/month on the existing national plans for 2 MB and
    likely around $0.02/Kilobyte thereafter. All-in, pricing is not substantially
    cheaper than current data plans in the market.

    On the handset front, we believe Sprint will launch with several new color
    phones by Samsung, Sanyo, and LG as well as with a PC Card, likely from
    Novatel. Price points for the handsets should range between $179.99 and

    "* Branding -- We expect Sprint PCS to launch a new brand name for its "3G"
    service, "PCS Vision." The service will offer applications such as MMS
    (multi-media messaging), games, downloadable ring-tones and screen savers,
    and ISP-like access for laptops/PDAs.

    * Timing -- We find a substantial level of noise within the channels, regarding
    the launch date of Sprint's "3G" service. Based on our channel checks, we
    believe "3G" capable phones may go on sale in the indirect channels in store
    such as Best Buy and Circuit City, beginning on August 8. New displays may
    not be constructed until the weekend. The "official" launch may not occur
    until, at least, August 12, and may extend to August 19. Our conclusion is
    that August 8 will begin somewhat of a soft launch, with the promotional
    campaign set for, at least, 1-2 weeks later. We find few employees have been
    trained on the service, based on our discussions. Some employees expected to
    be trained within the next week. Also, several company stores expected to
    receive their full "3G" displays from Sprint within the next 7-10 days. We
    do not believe the direct PCS stores are stocking material levels of
    inventory of the new phones, yet.

    * Pricing -- We have learned that Sprint PCS is currently planning to maintain
    its national voice pricing and charge a premium for data access by the
    megabyte and kilobyte. Our data points on pricing are preliminary and are
    subject to change ahead of the launch. We believe Sprint will begin offering
    data packages at an access level of $49.99 with data plans going up to
    $119.99. The company will offer these plans on several new color-screen
    phones with data capabilities as well as a PC-card modem at launch. Services
    will initially focus around multi-media messaging (including digital
    pictures), gaming, and laptop connectivity.

    Figure 1 highlights the preliminary pricing indications we have received from
    our research. Sprint has essentially added a $10 charge for 2 MB of data to
    its popular national price points at $39.99 and $49.99. For 8 MB of data,
    Sprint has typically added $20-$25 to each of the access charges. We expect
    the additional charge per KB to be around $0.02 if customers break their


    Monthly Charge
    $49.99 $59.99 $74.99 $84.99 $89.99 $99.99 $119.99
    Peak Min. 350 500 750 750 1,000 1,000 1,300
    Off-Peak Min. 3,650 4,500 5,750 5,750 7,000 7,000 8,700
    MB Data 2 2 2 8 2 8 8
    Source: SSB research and estimates.

    To put the pricing into perspective, we return to our VEP, voice-equivalent
    pricing model, that is far from perfect, but allows us to compare the price
    for data services on an apples-to-apples basis with voice. The methodology
    uses average throughput of the data network to convert data traffic into
    voice minutes. This can give us a back of the envelope measurement to
    compare with voice capacity and pricing. We calculate a voice equivalent
    price (VEP) per minute for a given data plan as follows:

    where VEM, or voice equivalent minutes, is defined by the following formula:

    Using average throughput of 30 kbps (our average 1X experience on Verizon's
    Express Network), we find Sprint is pricing these buckets at a healthy
    implied voice equivalent price of $0.70 - $1.13/minute


    Throughput 2 MB 8 MB
    20 kb/sec $0.75 $0.47
    30 kb/sec $1.13 $0.70
    40 kb/sec $1.50 $0.94
    Source: SSB Estimates.

    The sensitivity analysis above shows that Sprint has flexibility to increase
    the size of the data buckets, especially if the loaded 3G network offers
    faster average throughput speeds. As the speed of the network improves,
    Sprint is able to achieve better voice equivalent pricing per minute. Data
    margins will be sensitive to the cost for content and subscriber acquisition
    and education.

    Sprint is clearly trying to hold the line on its national voice pricing,
    which is constructive for the industry and the company's subscriber
    economics. However, its national competitors have not broadly shared
    Sprint's strategy. Thus, pricing is a double-edged sword for PCS as the
    company is trying to improve subscriber economics at low access plans, but
    may limit its marketshare in the process. We do appreciate Sprint's effort
    to differentiate on its service offering, rather than on price, and view it
    as a constructive signal that Sprint is focused on its subscriber
    profitability. On the data pricing front, we believe Sprint's data pricing,
    like its competitors, runs the risk of revenue cannibalization for customers
    that use too much or too little data. We still believe material data revenue
    is, at least, 12 months away given the pricing plans and level of customer
    education required. We highlight the pricing of its competitors' 2.5G data
    services below."

    "* Handset Selection -- We are enthusiastic for the launch of Sprint's new line-
    up of handsets that should begin with at least two color-screen phones at or
    below $200 and a PC-card for laptops/PDAs. We expect Sprint's phones to
    include the color Samsung N400 which should retail for $199.99 and likely a
    color-screen Sanyo 4900 for $179.99. These phones should be 1X voice and
    data capable. Sprint should also offer the Samsung A500 for around $279.99.
    We also expect LG to launch a color-screen flip phone at or near the launch
    date, but we could not ascertain the SRP (suggested retail price) from our
    channel checks. We expect Sprint to deploy several PC-card modems that will
    range in features and price. We expect PC-card modems to range from $249.99
    - $399.99 at retail. The company should also shortly launch the Audiovox
    Thera, an integrated phone/PDA using Pocket PC, as well as the color
    Handspring Treo."
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    Prob not suppossed to quote research pieces without the following:


    Salomon Smith Barney or its affiliates beneficially owns 1% or more of any
    class of common equity securities of AT&T Wireless Services and Sprint PCS.

    Within the past 12 months, Salomon Smith Barney or its affiliates has acted as
    manager or co-manager of a public offering of securities of Sprint PCS.

    Salomon Smith Barney or its affiliates has received compensation for investment
    banking services provided within the past 12 months from AT&T Wireless Services
    and NEXTEL Communications.

    Analysts' compensation is determined based upon activities and services
    intended to benefit the investor clients of Salomon Smith Barney and its
    affiliates ("the Firm"). Like all Firm employees, analysts receive compensation
    that is impacted by overall firm profitability, which includes revenues from,
    among other business units, the Private Client Division, Institutional
    Equities, and Investment Banking.

    The Firm and its affiliates, including Citigroup Inc., provide a vast array of
    financial services in addition to investment banking, including among others
    corporate banking, to a large number of corporations globally. The reader
    should assume that SSB or its affiliates receive compensation for those
    services from such corporations.

    The Firm is a market maker in the publicly traded equity securities of NEXTEL

    For securities recommended in this report in which the Firm is not a market
    maker, the Firm usually provides bids and offers and may act as principal in
    connection with such transactions.

    Guide To Investment Ratings: RATING is a guide to the expected total return
    over the next 12-18 months. The total return required for a given rating
    depends on the degree of risk (see below) in a stock. The higher the risk, the
    higher the required return. A Buy (1) rating indicates an expected total return
    ranging from +15% or greater for a low-risk stock to +30% or greater for a
    speculative stock. Outperform (2) indicates an expected total return ranging
    from +5% to +15% for a low-risk stock to +10% to +30% for a speculative stock.
    Neutral (3) indicates an expected total return ranging from -5% to +5% for a
    low-risk stock to -10% to +10% for a speculative stock. Underperform (4)
    indicates an expected total return ranging from -5% to -15% for a low-risk
    stock to -10% to -20% for a speculative stock. Sell (5) indicates an expected
    total return ranging from -15% or worse for a low-risk stock to -20% or worse
    for a speculative stock. RISK takes into account predictability of earnings and
    dividends, financial leverage, and stock price volatility, among other factors.
    L (Low Risk): predictable earnings and dividends, appropriate for conservative
    investors. M (Medium Risk): moderately predictable earnings and dividends,
    appropriate for average equity investors. H (High Risk): earnings and dividends
    are less predictable, appropriate for aggressive investors. S (Speculative):
    very low predictability of fundamentals and a high degree of volatility,
    appropriate only for investors/traders with diversified portfolios that can
    withstand material losses. V (Venture): indicates a stock with venture capital
    characteristics that is appropriate for sophisticated investors with a high
    tolerance for risk and broadly diversified investment portfolios.

    Securities recommended, offered, or sold by SSB: (i) are not insured by the
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; (ii) are not deposits or other
    obligations of any insured depository institution (including Citibank); and
    (iii) are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the
    principal amount invested. Although information has been obtained from and is
    based upon sources SSB believes to be reliable, we do not guarantee its
    accuracy and it may be incomplete or condensed. All opinions and estimates
    constitute SSB's judgment as of the date of the report and are subject to
    change without notice. This report is for informational purposes only and is
    not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of a

    Investing in non-U.S. securities, including ADRs, may entail certain risks. The
    securities of non-U.S. issuers may not be registered with, nor be subject to
    the reporting requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
    There may be limited information available on foreign securities. Foreign
    companies are generally not subject to uniform audit and reporting standards,
    practices and requirements comparable to those in the U.S. Securities of some
    foreign companies may be less liquid and their prices more volatile than
    securities of comparable U.S. companies. In addition, exchange rate movements
    may have an adverse effect on the value of an investment in a foreign stock and
    its corresponding dividend payment for U.S. investors. Net dividends to ADR
    investors are estimated, using withholding tax rates conventions, deemed
    accurate, but investors are urged to consult their tax advisor for exact
    dividend computations. Investors who have received this report from the Firm
    may be prohibited in certain states from purchasing securities mentioned in
    this report from the Firm. Please ask your Financial Consultant for additional

    This report is distributed in the United Kingdom by Salomon Brothers
    International Limited. This material is directed exclusively at market
    professional and institutional investor customers and is not for distribution
    to private customers, as defined by the rules of the Financial Services
    Authority, who should not rely on this material. Moreover, any investment or
    service to which the material may relate will not be made available to such
    private customers. This material may relate to investments or services of a
    person outside of the United Kingdom or to other matters which are not
    regulated by the Financial Services Authority and further details as to where
    this may be the case are available upon request in respect of this material. If
    this publication is being made available in certain provinces of Canada by
    Salomon Smith Barney Canada Inc. ("SSB Canada"), SSB Canada has approved this
    publication. If this report was prepared by SSB and distributed in Japan by
    Nikko Salomon Smith Barney Limited, it is being so distributed under license.
    This report is made available in Australia through Salomon Smith Barney
    Australia Securities Pty Ltd (ABN 64 003 114 832), a Licensed Securities
    Dealer, and in New Zealand through Salomon Smith Barney New Zealand Limited, a
    member firm of the New Zealand Stock Exchange. This report does not take into
    account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of
    any particular person. Investors should obtain advice based on their own
    individual circumstances before making an investment decision. Salomon Smith
    Barney Securities (Proprietary) Limited is incorporated in the Republic of
    South Africa (company registration number 2000/025866/07) and its registered
    office is at Citibank Plaza, 145 West Street (corner Maude Street), Sandown,
    Sandton, 2196, Republic of South Africa. The investments and services contained
    herein are not available to private customers in South Africa. This publication
    is made available in Singapore through Salomon Smith Barney Singapore Pte Ltd,
    a licensed Dealer and Investment Advisor. For purposes of this report, "SSB"
    includes the aforementioned companies.

    Salomon Smith Barney is a registered service mark of Salomon Smith Barney Inc.
    Schroders is a trademark of Schroders Holdings plc and is used under license.
    Nikko is a service mark of Nikko Cordial Corporation. (c) Salomon Smith Barney
    Inc., 2002. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use, duplication,
    redistribution or disclosure is prohibited by law and will result in

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    I am on the phone currently w/ a Sprint rep and he is saying that the new phones will be released tomorrow (Thurs) in SOME citys.

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    Just got back from the SprintPCS store here in Tampa. They have 3 different 3G phones in stock that they will be selling in the morning (8 Aug). The nicest one is the Handspring Treo 300. The manager got one for me to look at. Very impressive. I just wish the voice/data plans weren't so expensive.
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    Can I buy the Treo 300 online at Handspring or Sprint PCS? Tonight?

    Thoughts anyone?
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    Originally posted by nbert
    Can I buy the Treo 300 online at Handspring or Sprint PCS? Tonight?

    Thoughts anyone?
    When the Samsung I-300 came out, it was several days before it showed up on the Sprint Website. If that help any??
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    No need to reiterate the information about the availability of the handsets. Cost of the data is another matter. Sprint has indicated many times that their upgrade to CDMA 2000 1X(whatever) will allow for download speeds at or beyond a 56K modem plus will double their network's bandwidth (see their webside's information on 3G, there's a powerpoint that talks to this). Now what they have never stated is if this is simply for calls or for calls plus data. My guess is that initially, it does not matter what their data capacity is. There will not be enough early adopters to crash their data network. For that reason, they are going to want a premium price for data - at least one that is not grossly above what Verizon does in its markets that are live with 3G now. The'll get to talk up the National data network until others catch up and they get the bump in revenues they are looking for. At some point after the 3G launch, there will be an additional network upgrade to improve the data speeds and they'll need every extra penny to pay for that as well as the investments made in 3G. In other words, don't be looking for a low cost data plan until there is competition to Sprint PCS where you live. And don't look for a minute-base plan until then as well. All of this bothers me since I am a Sprint customer and fan, but that's simply the economics of what's going on with the Telcos. After all, the Europeans spent heavily on 2.5 G services which few customers use. My prediction, and last word on the subject, is that Americans will take to this stuff at a faster adoption rate and use it for more than sending pictures like the Japanese and Koreans who already have these service up and running.
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    I just got off the phone with a Sprint PCS rep (based in Virginia, if that makes a difference) who told me that the launch date has been pushed back to Monday, Aug. 12. due to "minor adjustments" that need to be made first. She told me that's also when the Treo 300 will debut. Of course, she may be wrong, but that's what she said as of 10pm EST tonite. The mystery continues....
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    The above plan pricing by clogoodie is very accurate from info told to me tonight from a local retail store manager. It is pricey... $84 gets ya 8M of data and 750 minutes. 2M of data for the entry plans get ya no-where. I think there is an option to buy entry plans with additional M costed separately. I do not know the pricing on this.
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    Hmm... 2 megs sounds like so little... a VNC session will eat that in a few minutes...

    Does it also count minutes when you are online through 3G? does blazer automatically avoid pictures if you ask it to?

    Newton->Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism->Treo 300->Treo 600->Treo 650->Treo 755p->Touch Pro->Palm Pre!
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    is not going to go very far at all...even 8 seems low for a full month's use. And i only wish i had 84 bucks a month to spend on a cell plan...

    So my question is, and forgive me if its been discussed already...but can you not use the high-speed data, and instead dialup an ISP?? Cuz if they're gonna charge that much for data, i don't think I'm the only person who'd give up some speed to use regular (and much cheaper) minutes in order to not waste precious MBs...
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    FWIW, the Sprint PCS store in Phoenix, AZ has all its PCS Vision (Sprint's marketing name for their 3G network) displays already set up and working: promo PCs lit up, phones blinking, etc. Only problem is, they have big black (semi-opaque) curtains hanging in front of the whole thing. Unfortunately they were very tight-lipped about when it will roll, which phone models would be immediately available, etc; the only answer I could get was that that store would only have 1 phone model at launch.
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    Originally posted by bioart
    Hmm... 2 megs sounds like so little... a VNC session will eat that in a few minutes...
    You are correct. I currently use Verizon for my wireless connections and at 14.4K speed, I typically suck down about 10 megs per month checking email and doing some minor surfing (Verizon doesn't charge for the volume of data on any plan, just the connect time). 2 mb comes out to less than 70K per day in a 1 month period - that's no a whole lot.
    does blazer automatically avoid pictures if you ask it to?
    Yes. Blazer is very flexible with regard to image downloads (from full color to grey scale, to B&W, to none).

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