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    Does any one know?

    Is it possible to reinstall the patch or in fact install the Europe one (when it comes out) on top of the Asia one?
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    Here's a little update to my GPRS Patch experience.

    I went down to my local Voicestream dealer and had them do the $19.99 iStream add on to my account. Within 2 hours I was able to connect using the newly added T-Mobile Internet connection. I adds a little extra graphic on top of your signal strength lines. It looks like a full checkmark of sorts when connected and when disconnected leaves a little tick mark at the top right of the signal strenght lines.

    So I was anxious to do a little testing. Here's the somewhat disappointing results of one test.

    I checked two seperate e-mail accounts using Eudora's e-mail program. I knew that both accounts had no mail in them from a check previous to the test. I started the e-mail check from a connected position, first from Voicstream's ISDN connection and then from T-Mobile Internet's GPRS.

    I have Eudora set to disconnect after the e-mail check. So from start to disconnect the results were as follows:

    Voicestream ISDN: 23 seconds
    T-Mobile Internet: 21 seconds

    This was pretty dissapointing to me. What do you think? Was the test a good one? fair? whatever? I surely expected the GPRS to be faster than that.

    I can also confirm that Avantgo Wireless does not work with the patch. When I try to connect to a page a get the following error message: "Error 5459 Unknown network error has occured."

    I also am not able to browse with Blazer when connected to T-Mobile Internet. I'm not sure why. I can disconnect from T-Mobile and re-connect with Voicestream and browse to my hearts content. Sure would be interested in the experience of others.
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    Blazer works! Not going to try it extensively as it would use up all the lousy 500kb that Orange charge 4.00 for but it finds one of my bookmarks ok.

    AvantGo Modem Sync works!

    WebClipings still work if I use my dial up.

    But when I do the same search (eg a word in Britannica). It connects, sends and comes back with nothing on GPRS?
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    riverbruce, since your problems are VS related please join us in:

    The email test you did is not the perfect one to compare the two.
    GPRS is much faster when it comes to browsing & download.
    When you test connect/check/disconnect from an email account most of the time is spent on the waiting for responses from/to the email server. Instead try to download emails and/or even better attachments and you should notice a big difference.

    The VS CSD (GSM) is typically 9Kb (shared upload and download) while GPRS on the Treo should be 33Kb download and 11Kb upload.

    The Blazer problems you are seeing (and AvantGo) are because of a feature that VS uses to compress data (VS Accelerator, aka SpeedWise) which doesn't work on PalmOS devices (they state it on the website). This acceleration only takes place on their GPRS network (that's why you don't have the problem in the GSM/CSD connection). I called the VS support (611) and they refuse to help us VS customers with the Treo-GPRS (they claim it's not supported).

    Let me know if you managed to workaround the stupid SpeedWise problem.

    BTW, one way to bypass it is to point Blazer to another proxy server (under options) and then the packets are not grabbed by SpeedWise (it automatically grabs port 80 traffic, aka web-traffic).
    I was not able to find a free proxy server that I can use, but I was able to browse when I pointed Blazer to our corporate proxy.

    Anyone knows where to find a free/public proxy server?

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    Wow, I got the GPRS working thanks to Shock's info on Cingular in NC!
    pretty cool switching from phone to Blazer without having to reconnect. I like it so far. Not sure how expensive it's gonna be yet. So I'd better not overdo it.

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    Originally posted by NeilR
    Blazer works! Not going to try it extensively as it would use up all the lousy 500kb that Orange charge 4.00 for but it finds one of my bookmarks ok.

    AvantGo Modem Sync works!

    WebClipings still work if I use my dial up.

    But when I do the same search (eg a word in Britannica). It connects, sends and comes back with nothing on GPRS?
    Yes, Web Clippings (PQA apps) work with GPRS. I've tried several after installing the relevant system files from the original Palm Mobile Internet Kit...This is really useful! Now I can check my email without incurring too many kbs that a normal PalmOS email app would consume...Look up a movie from IMDB, a Bible verse, word definitions, etc., etc. ..... I'm in heaven (albeit an expensive one )...
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    Originally posted by ixtab
    riverbruce, since your problems are VS related please join us in:

    Anyone knows where to find a free/public proxy server?

    Try Port: 9666
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    I have a question...I'm in the middle of the upgrade process right now (keep your fingers crossed). I went through the whole carrier changing process and it did fool the installer.

    During that process the GPRS installer loads a bunch of install files into the install folder under my profile in the Handspring folder. Can we not simply copy all of this install files and make those available to people instead of this whole Carrier List process.

    I copied all of them before they disappeared during the HotSync/Install process. Let me know if this would work and I'll post them somewhere if you like.

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    I've just noticed another minor fix: The SMS app now reads Alphanumeric senders correctly - Some SMS gateways allow you to write a text name insted of a "sending phone number"; in those cases, my Treo used to show something like "Sender: 542*3459#2345", and now it correctly shows "Sender: Uncle Bob".

    Nice going Handspring... now if you could just accept Nokia's binary SMS format... It's a pain in the *** not being able to receive VCards from Nokia-owners.
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    finally!!!!! starting this thread was worth it after all!!!! i got the patch and installed it just now!!! seems to be working fine!!!! gprs enabled already!!! got cold sweats though while the install program was running!!! but everything seems to be a ok!!!

    gud luk to all
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    yehey!!! posting my reply via gprs! now i'm getting my moneys worth! and best of all... gprs here is still free!
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    GPRS patch installed and it works!
    And I like the extra features it comes with.

    One question nevertheless:
    When trying to access my Email account using Eudora Mail, or browsing the Internet with EudoraWeb, I've got the following error messages:

    Eudora Mail:
    Times out looking up incoming mail server

    (It was working fine with a 'normal' dial up connection)

    The internet site '' could not be found.

    Blazer says:
    Blazer could not complete the page download. Please try again later.

    All three messages pop up immediatly after the 'Check Mail' or a bookmark have been selected.
    In other words, it seems that the software does not check if there is a valid connection or not.

    I know I'm connected to GPRS as I have the new icone enabled.

    I'm sure this is only a matter of proper configuration.
    Anyone can help?

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    FYI, I has having problems keeping my GPRS connection. The triangle would go away and no matter what I did I couldn't get it back. I ended up having to call cingular customer service and get them to reset my GPRS and then it would work for a while then quit working again. Today I ran the ResetRadio app that can be found on this discussion board and it seems to have fixed my problems (even though it crashed my treo and I had to soft reset). Just thought this info might help some people that have problems.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    mine works fine! probably your setting only (check your network preferrence and make sure gprs is selected)

    also fyi - ringo 3 doesnt work with the patch!!! when i rec. incoming calls - i get fatal error message and have to do soft reset! when i deleted ringo 3 - i dont get error anymore... well too bad for ringo 3!!!

    also - just wanted to ask - does anyone know whether keeping the gprs connection on all the time affects battery life of the treo? What i have been doing is to connect only when i surf and when i retreive my emails - after i'm done surfing or retrieving - i disconnect. Am just thinking if i can just keep the connection on the whole day (saves me the trouble of having to connect all the time)
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    FYI, I still use Ringo 3 on mine and haven't had any errors. The only bug I noticed is it takes about 5 seconds for the screen to refresh after the picture is shown when someone calls before the missed call screen comes up.

    I normally try to stay connected but I often go in and out of having a signal so I often get disconnected. I haven't noticed a decreased battery life for staying connected to GPRS all the time.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    are you sure your ringo is working fine? mine worked fine at first - but wait till you get your 4th or 5th call - thats when it hangs (fatal error)

    u might want to try it out - just ask someone to call u - then hang up - then call you again. let me know if you reach 5th to 6th call without hanging
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    I just called myself 6 times and hung up after about 2 rings each time and didn't have a single problem. Are you sure you are running the final version?
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    am not sure what you mean by "final version". i read the attached readme file and it says ringo 3 (it does not say its a beta verion)

    can you send tell me where you got yours so i can double check

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    I was running the beta versions before I got the final version. I thought you might still be running one of the betas.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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