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    Originally posted by MrMagooAZ

    I'll admit that I don't know a lot about the technical aspects of wireless networks. It does seem to me that if it were possible to bring GPRS Email and Messenging first and then bring the web browsing and other sophisticated aspects later, that might satisfy a lot of folks. Seems like most of the other hardware prividers are able to do this. Handspring might think about taking this tact to help stem the tide of customers who are already jumping ship.

    Just a thought.
    Thanks for the kind words. Here is a point of frustration from my point of view.

    For e-mail activity, the GPRS patch could be released now, especially for use on T-Mobile, Cingular and AT&T. The Euro based functionality is being based on the T-Mobile dev standard.

    Now for the kicker, BLAZER! Apparently, to thwart support issues, HS would rather have all traffic go through this browser, get "sanatized code" and devlier pages faster than the actual GPRS data provisioned speeds. I call this cheating.

    SO, in order to do this, they have to clear hurdles with Blazer, espcially in International markets. Yes, this sucks.

    This is why I have been so persistent about regular cell phones with WAP/E-mail GPRS vs. this device. Hell, even the Sprint system is a far cry from what GPRS Web browsing should be. I will say that the e-mail/IM functionality is impressive and I fully believe the HS should release the patch now for the email/IM only.

    A simple disclaimer that says :HEY LOOK, THIS IS INTENDED FOR EMAIL AND INSTANT MESSAGE SERVICES ONLY: ACCEPT - REJECT would solve the support problem. Wait for the end of the year for cool browsing speeds.

    Just my input from a developers standpoint. I DO NOT work for HS nor are my views that of any official HS capacity. This is based on public information gathered from various websites, press releases and face-to-face conversations in non-NDA situations. Phew!

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    Reading this and other threads in this and other Treo-dedicated forums I was wondering:
    Do the Handspring decision-makers read these forums or are they locked in some kind of ivory tower?

    Thegman, many of us believed that your worked for Handspring. This might explain some of the violent reactions that you got.
    Out of frustration I would say:
    "At last someone to talk to! Let's give him a piece of our mind!"

    Bad luck!
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    I was tired of waiting for the GPRS patch from Handspring, so I bought a Treo 300 the first day it was available from Sprint two weeks ago.

    I noticed that although the "always on" functionality of their so called 3G network was great, the browsing speeds were awful. I conducted non-scientific tests, simultaneously loading pages on the 270 (voicestream csd) and the sprint Treo 300. the page loads on the 270 were almost always at least as fast as the 300. This was amazingly disappointing.

    I returnned the 300 and I am now again in the wait game for the GPRS patch.
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    I would like to tip my proverbial hat to the gman for aiding my understanding of the situation.

    Clearly Hand understands that customers desiring always on email are being inconvenienced. But I think they are fixated on the necessity of always staying ahead of the competition. Because of Hand's smaller size and dramatically weaker financial resources they know they can't afford to fight an even battle with competitiors. They need always to have a proprietary advantage that will keep them a step up. While the posters on this thread don't want to hear about it, Hand is going for the "whole enchilata" instead of two stage development because it will give them a competitive leg up in November when some more competition emerges from Sony. They have probably decided that doing things in two stages adds a couple of months to the development cycle, and significant costs as well. So they have decided that since the competition is not breathing down their necks, they prefer to inconvenience some people to get into the end zone early. My guess is that the people on this thread who wish the development was done in two stages, are more than sophisticated enough to realize once the patch is out and web browsing is dramatically faster than the competition, that treo is still the way to go.

    Hand doesn't need significant Treo 270 revenues this quarter as Treo 300 is selling well. Also if Treo becomes the fastest gsm internet browser, that will aid their ability to get into even more service providers because the arpu of their customers will stay higher than their competition. Btw, their investor relations people continue to state that the patch will be available in September. It is hard for me to believe that they would have the nerve to say September to investors, if the didn't have the patch done, and weren't in the certification stage. It is also interesting to me that the Treo 270 is not being shipped into the distribution network. While the Treo 90 is back in the channel, the treo 270 is only available on the Hand website. Is it possible that they are making changes presently, and starting to build inventory for the September certifications? Just a thought.
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    Originally posted by rvwink
    So they have decided that since the competition is not breathing down their necks, they prefer to inconvenience some people to get into the end zone early.
    Competition is breathing hard down Handspring's neck.
    If in the US, Treo 270 is available only on their Web site, in the rest of the world you can find it in any store.
    Well, let me rephrase it:
    It used to be available in any store.
    The past few weeks I noticed (in Europe, Middle East and Asia) that Treo 270 desappeared from the shelves.
    When I asked why (this was not a scientific survey: just me asking here and there), they said because of too many returns (backlight, battery, screen quality) and no GPRS in markets where phones without PGRS don't sell. Period.
    Exception for Nokia 9210 and 9210i, which became a social statement in some counrties, like a Porsche or an upscale BMW!

    I haven't been to the US recently.
    The situation there might be different.
    And from reading yours and others answers, I believe it is.
    The reason might be that it is well known that the US are much behind the rest of the world as far as GSM and GPRS are concerned.

    Handpsring being very much a local company (not like Motorola who thinks 'wordlwide' and sells overseas GPRS devices - communicator, such as the Accompli 008 - not available in the US, I think-, included) is loosing ground on the communicator market while Sony-Ericsson (with their P800) and Nokia, without mentionning Sansung or GL, are announcing little marvels for this Fall.

    Wake up Handspring!
    You're Treo 270 is a great device, but -as it is - came a year too late internationally!
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    In light of your past comments about Hand building blazer into their gprs patch, can you comment on what you think the reasoning and economics is behind Samsung and Kyo licensing Blazer. Is this a deal brokered by Sprint which perhaps used Blazer as an integral part of its network. Or is this just two competitors that recognized that Blazer was better than their alternatives and are willing to pay money to join the party. What does sharing its technology with its competitors do for Hand aside from some modest licensing fees? Does this help them with their gprs patch progress because it gives them more clout with the service providers in some way?
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    270 is unavailable in the US as well except on the Hand website. I believe it is because hand has stopped making it and is gearing up to make the 275 or in short an upgraded model that contains the built in new patch, the new display parts and other software changes. If IR is promising September, I think that means the software patch is done and we are waiting on compatibility. My guess is that they have started production of parts that they will be unable to ship until certification is received. That is why old units are not available. Just my reading of events. What do you think?
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    I'm sure Handspring reads this website. It's their best source of info about product problems and consumer reaction. And they know it since you can see that they buy advertising on this site. But I doubt they would ever post anything regarding the patch here. It would undermine the work of ther PRPRPR $dept$.

    I would also agree that if the 270 is still not available in stores, then they are probably waiting to include the GPRS patch with it. Especially since their original statement was that it would be available in stores shortly after it's initial release. I would think if the patch was still far away they would just release it to stores as is. So maybe the Sept target is real.
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    I think you guys are forgetting a few things when wondering why the 270 is not availabe in stores yet.

    1) Remember the issue with the screens going bad on the 270 and 90? Maybe the problem has not been solved as completely as they'd like. That is to say that perhaps they haven't finished checking enough of them to ship them.

    2) What stores would you expect to see the 270 in? CompUSA? Best Buy? Hmm...don't these places also sell Sprint service and phones? Sounds like competition for the 300.

    Just a couple of thoughts.
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    Magoo, I don't think you have done it again.

    First, the Treo 90 is fully stocked in stores again so if there were display problems they would show up. Second read this which appears on another section of this thread where a young punk suggested legal action against hand. This posts seems to me to be pure handspring employee to me.

    I am very confident that Handspring will deliver for their projected release date, end of 3Q this year. The upgrade needed much work, but it's being improved rapidly. The thing is, this has to be a very smooth upgrade, not to damage your device, and to work with a variety of configs.
    There is nothing in the EULA or product documentation which states GPRS was ever part of your initial purchase, and was clearly a future update.
    BE patient. Finishing touches are being made.

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    I surely hope that you're both right!

    Nevertheless, when I talked to store managers, they all told me that they stopped buying Treo270 because of the high return rate in their part of the world (Paris, France, for one, Dubai, Middle East, for an other, Jakarta, Indonesia, for a third).

    I have the feeling that Handspring understood that the PDA, as we know it, is over and that buyers will want to integrate their mobile phone to their PDA.
    So they created the serie of Treo that we see.

    Don't you thing that they put new communicator devices on the market at an alarming speed?

    Handspring, as a successful PDA maker, wants to occupy the market before anybody else does (look at Compaq with the iPaq):
    Until now only phone manufacturers are on the communicator market (Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, etc.).
    Handspring wants to make a difference.
    But if they master the PDA-making process, they still have to learn everything about making phones.
    And that's the problem with GPRS, among other issues that you can read here and there in this and other forums.

    They're tryimng to catch up, but they are having a hard time.
    They announced first the GPRS upgrade for August, now September.
    We'll see.
    September is a deadline that they shouldn't miss as many are ready to jump ship for Sony-Ericsson P800 (again check this and other forums)... due to be available in September.
    And everybody knows that once you lost a disatisfied customer, it is very hard and expensive to get it back...
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    There isn't even a question in my mind that Hand has stopped making Treo 270s. They absolutely could sell more units if they kept making them. For example, Amazon has never gotten a shipment from Hand of Treo 270s and I am sure they had orders lined up. If you think about it, they are putting the finishing touches on the patch now, and then have 4 weeks to get approvals. Why ship out units that all need to be upgraded. Instead they are producing new units, and then will flash upgrade them to the approved patch. That way they will be able to ship in quantity as soon as the gprs patch becomes certified.
    That my friend is what is happening imo.
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    One store I would expect to definitely see the 270 in is Staples which has always had the 180 and other HS products. Was last in there about a month ago and saw the 90 but did not see the 270.
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    Originally posted by Bob-C
    I would also agree that if the 270 is still not available in stores, then they are probably waiting to include the GPRS patch with it. Especially since their original statement was that it would be available in stores shortly after it's initial release.
    It was available in stores - briefly. I purchased mine in mid-July from CompUSA (actually, "CoZone"). Four days later, the screen burned out. So, I figured I'd simply go back and replace it with another of the color ones in stock.

    When I went to the store, they'd sold out all they had - a whopping total of 3 they'd been sent - and so had all the stores in the area. However, on the floor, I could see a 270 box with some paperwork on it and I asked the guy about that one. "Oh, that's a defective one being returned."

    As I was attempting to return a defective one as well, that's at a minimum a 66% DOA rate for that store. Given that this problem was pretty wide-spread, CompUSA probably said (and rightfully so) "No way in hell we're buying more of these from you and restocking until we're sure you've got your act together."

    This entire return process has been huge for them. I can understand why they're taking their time with the patch - and getting all the carriers to sign off on it. So, I think everyone needs to just chill out --- especailly people so wrapped around the axle that they want to talk about class-action lawsuits.

    Then again, those people probably get the same way when their flight is delayed at the airport.
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    Wholly schnikeys!!!

    Is that the beta or the real one? The installer makes it looks like it's real.
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    Wholly schnikeys!!!

    Is that the beta or the real one? The installer makes it looks like it's real.
    I was told it's a beta, but so far it's worked perfectly fine for me the whole of today...

    I wasn't sure about posting it, but hey, I wasn't told not to, so I thought I'd help relief some tension around here!

    Enjoy, folks!!...
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    Well I think you have made everyone very happy for the long weekend. Aren't you worried about getting in trouble with Handspring?
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    Good, I'm glad...

    As for Handspring, well, all I did was to approach one of the reps and ask him when the patch was going to be released...He gave me this address and told me to be careful to backup all my data before installing it as it was still a beta version...That was it! No illegitimate actions on my part, don't you think? (I've never met this person before nor have any connections with Handspring or their partners...yes! I was pleasantly surprised too!)...And as for posting it, links to program files are posted in forums all the time, right? (And this isn't an illegal/pirated software site.)

    (To the mods: feel free to delete my link if you think it's appropriate. Thanks!)
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    I just ran the program and received a most interesting message, which may have inadvertenly solved the question over whether it is Handspring's or the service providers' fault for the delay in implementing GPRS. After identifying my provider as T-Mobile (Voicestream), the program indicates that T-Mobile does not yet support GPRS for the TREO and the program aborts. Looks like the providers aren't ready yet. Or maybe, with their own branded device - T-Mobile Pocket PC phone - they are just dragging their heels on letting Handspring fairly compete!
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