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    Okay I lied.

    Neither of my middle names are Alex. And I only have one middle name.

    But I only lied so I could hang with you guys.
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    ok, you can hang, but you have to sit next to my turtle, he was bad and lied too.......

    off topic enough yet???? lol

    anyone elses experiances with deep sleep?
    I love my Treo 90.
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    Hey J. Kevin Wolfe,
    thanks for your article in the palm tip sheet.

    (now were way too off topic)
    I love my Treo 90.
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    You're welcome. Thanks for looking at it. PT as well as Treo Central posted the interview with Will Rees, one of the Treo keyboard team with Jeff Hawkins, that I did for the artcile. Nice to see those at Handspring are given corporate authority to answer questions honestly and have a sense of humor about it. Not everyplace is like that.

    I think the most interesting thing I discovered interviewing Will was that one of the mandates for function of the Treo keyboard was that phone oriented stuff should be navigable (is that a word? if not, let's make it one) with one hand. Suddenly the Contacts app made sense. You can find a number with your right hand only. It now seems so much more useful than Address Book for my needs.
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    ya, at first, i didnt like contacts over address book. in fact, it almost kept me from buying a treo. however, like most things on the 90, you just have to get used to them, and then there's no turning back!
    i, unlike most people it seems, actually use my treo for work mostly. my contacts are a very essencial and critical part of my plam, and when handspring started messing with it, i got very nervous.
    i really do love the fact that i can type initals, or the first part of a contacts first or last name, and not even have to run the 'find' featrue. most of the time that its critical i remember a persons name in address book, i cant. however, i find it much easyer to find a name that i cant quite remember in contact.
    (ive used my treo one handed too, and it still works great, i can press all of the keys easly without having to brace the treo against something.)
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    I love my Treo 90.
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    I'm glad that Handspring was the first to come out with a Graffiti-less machine. The Treo keyboard needed Graffiti creator Jeff Hawkins' attention to detail to make it such a powerful tool.
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    Hey, Other Alex here...sorry but my internet was down (for 2 1/2 STRAIGHT days!!! Stupid DSL). Cool, an Alex only post..hmmm...
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50
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