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    Has anybody created or "hacked" an external speakerphone for the Treo for use in the car. I am currently using a Nokia car kit for my 8260 and it works extremely well. I would hate to lose it when I switch over as I hear the built in speakerphone is not all that great.
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    How did you adpt the power cord from your Nokia speaker phone for use with the treo? I had the same idea as you, but haven't done it yet!!

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    I am sorry if I mislead you. I am using the kit on my Nokia phone (its intended purpose). However, I wonder if it would work on a Treo. The headphone/speaker jack should be the same (as these devices all use the same "ear buds"). The phone does need to be powered though. If the power jack is adapted to fit the Treo, would it work? I'm not sure what the power output is, or if there is some special signal that makes this thing work with the Nokia.
    On the other hand, I just received an e-mail from THB... "The cradle for the THB Universal Classic for the handspring Treo 270 will go in production in the end of this month."
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    I saw on another thread that Radio Shack carries the parts to adapt the power cord.
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    Thanks for the tip - unfortunately, I went to the Rdai Shack site and came up empty handed. Do you remember what board the other thread was on?

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    I purchased a little cheap thing called a carbaby that attaches to the headset and plays through the cars speakers. That was the best $15 I've spent in a while....

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    So that Car Baby thing really works? Any drawbacks? How well does it fit onto the Treo? It would be nice if it plugged into the headphone adaptor. What about the microphone? How does that work?
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    Yeah, that CarBaby thing actually works decent (I was skeptical too, now if someone can proove those stupid atenna boosters actually work... ), the only drawbacks are a little static in the speakers if the FM frequency is fighting with a station and it uses batteries rather than a cig-power adapter but the battery's life is pretty good.

    It clips on the headset fairly snug although it sometimes can move off the headset if you go over a major bump.

    The microphone on the Treo itself is very good so you can talk without really yelling from a few feet away (I have a dashboard mount in an Air Condition vent so it's rather direct).

    I'd have to say for what it cost's (I think it was $15 or $20 on eBay), it have been well worth the money. Of course, I'd love to have a better system but I've wasted over $60 in parts trying to make a home built system to use the radio because one didn't exist. If I only knew....

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    the speakerphone/ earpiece kinda sucks on the treo. i am thinking of replacing it. i pryed open the cover easily (no glue-just snaps in). does anyone have any experience in this area? it seems simple enough. seems like you could just pick up the new parts @ radio shack. any advice would be appreciated.

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