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    I just bought the 270 and I just got a trial version of a cool financial app from Hillcast Technologies. My cousin works for them. Anyhow, you get real-time quotes streamed to your Treo. I just wish my loser boss here at Dell would let me expense it when i buy it! link is and fill out a Demo Application form to get the 30 day trial.
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    It a cool app. you can get it from

    It works well on the Treo
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    Stock Manager is a great app for Treo too. Not streaming, but you get REAL TIME quotes when you connect.
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    Real-Time is cool and all but the streaming is just nice to have..... I like having something basically like a ticker on my phone so i can see what's up while I'm at lunch and trying to get away from my loser boss at Dell. Did I mention that i don't care for him???
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    Will Midcast work on the Sprint network?

    I have Midcast on the Cinguler network with my Treo It's Great!!!


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