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    Hi All,

    Wondering if anybody else has had this problem. It is usually caused by an application crash, but what happens is that the 8-bit color mode of the Treo seems to get its pallette screwed up.

    The white background becomes black, and the black text becomes red. I looked for programs that could reset the mode, and couldn't find any.

    A hard reset fixes the device, until you hotsync again, where it is stuffed up. What I fould is that by copying older Saved_prefs and Unsaved_prefs prc files to the Treo Resolved the situation, without having to hard reset.

    Has anybody else had this problem, and does anybody know of any programs that can fix this up if it happens again?

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    What apps do you have installed (beyond the factory defaults)? Which one is crashing? Sounds like it's leaving behind its prefs footprint that affects other components ...
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    One of them that does it, is Easy I-Ching. Although that program has only done it once.

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