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    Tried using my speakerphone yesterday - battery was at 49%... about 10 seconds into the call, I got a popup saying that 'there wasn't enough battery power, and it's shutting down'; counted down 10 seconds onscreen, and did just that. Turned off the 180, hanging up the phone (of course). Anyone else have this 'problem', or is this just a 'feature', only being able to use the speakerphone while charging?

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    Exact same thing happened to me today, with my 180g. What a pain! I suspect the voltage required for the speakerphone function is much higher, and the voltage threshold to shut off the wireless mode likewise higher. Guess we can't use the speakerphone when approaching 50% battery life.
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    Well that kinda bites a bit. Must say tho, the batteries on this Treo were much better than the one I just sent back (radio died, day 3) - this one actually holds a charge. Uses about 30-40% a day, so charging every other day or every 3rd day. The other one used about 40% in about 2 hours - dunno if that was a result of the faulty radio or no. Oh well *shrug*


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