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    I'd like to complete my conversion to a digital tablet, using my Prism and a Targus Keyboard and Wordsmith.

    Problem - what about Drawings which are so important? This is crucial for a continuous train of thought - the pictures MUST be on the same "page" as the notes for easy reference. To look at a separate paper notebook defeats the purpose. Anyhow, I could carry around all my classes notes with me wherever I go, without lugging around a folder for each class.

    So, can I use BugME Messenger and use their post its and paste them in the proper place? This COULD work, but I haven't tried it yet with a word processor.

    Does anyone know which processor would accept drawings into its programs, including charts and tables as well? Even a Teal Paint program would work out fine as well, or any other graphic program, as long as you could enter into the correct spot on your notes, or even have a link to the diagram, whathaveyou. BugMe is fine, but it's pictures can be kind of tiny.

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    Wow, I could really use something like that, the same way you could. I agree this kind of program is a must, although it doesn't exist.

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    I don't think that it's impossible to insert graphic attachments into a text document. Should be very similar to the desktop model.

    Keep a lookout, I'm sure something will turn up.
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    That would be a perfect addition to Wordsmith. Have an "Insert Graphic Object" menu option, that would give you a box to draw in. You could drag the edges or give in dimensions to give you the size you need. Then when you sync to the desktop it would import the graphic (my screen shot hack does it.. why couldn't Wordsmith?) and put it in your Word file in the same spot with the same size. This would be amazing with the Hi-res on the Clies and upcomming OS5 models. I think I'll e-mail Handmark with this idea.

    This feature would be great in any program, but I use Wordsmith most of the time, so of course this is the program I would like to see it added in. Plus, I know Wordsmith handles it's own graphics and does not resort to letting the OS draw it's forms and text, so I feel like it would easily be implimented.
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    What's that Wordsmith newsgroup again?

    "One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.
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    I use Thought Manager for taking notes. It has a basic attach drawing feature that allows you to make a small sketch similar to Diddle Bug (plus - it sketchs in color). I really like it. It is an outliner program so it may not have all the capability of a word processor, but I like the ability to have subpoints. It has a desktop interface and exports to MS Word. Check it out at

    They have an Education(mostly for teachers) version with a lot of pre-fab templates, but I just use the regular one.

    Let me know what you think.
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    You might give teal notes a try. It will allow you to insert a drawing/handwritten object in a program. I've used it with Daynotez and it works fine.

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    I second the recommendation for ThoughtManager. With the ability to add drawings, great support for the stowaway, and great outline format makes it great to take notes. Plus, each point can have an attached note, in addition to a drawing.

    Wordsmith is great as well but it is best for word processing, not so much for taking in class or doing project management.

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    Check out this response from Blue Nomad:

    Thanks for your message. We are hoping to add support for images in future versions of
    wordsmith. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    Bobby Genest
    Blue Nomad Support

    How soon do you think this will be? I'm waiting patiently.

    "One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.
    -Dan Quayle

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