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    I am a new Visor Neo owner, and a writer. The way I rationalized getting the Visor was that I can now work on my books and articles away from the desktop.

    As a Mac owner with Appleworks, I'm struggling to find a way to do this.

    Does anyone know of word processing programs that work with either all word processors, or with Appleworks specifically?

    I downloaded the test program of WordSmith, and I can use that but have to save all the documents I want to work on to RTF before I can sych it over to the Visor, so it's not ideal.

    Thanks so very much for any help! I posted before I bought the unit on the accessory list, and the suggestions about keyboards were very helpful. This discussion group is invaluable!

    Leslie Godwin
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    Well, I haven't seen anything specifically for AppleWorks...there is this:

    MacLink Plus by DataViz

    It sounds like it'll give you access to Word for Mac...but not Appleworks...would that be a possiblity?

    I have DataViz Docs to Go Pro, and love it.

    Good Luck!
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    I don't know of any that works specifically with Appleworks. Wordsmith is your best bet since it reads RTF files which is read by nearly all word processors. It may not be the best solution but it is the only one to work with Appleworks.

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    Thanks for suggesting Dataviz. I just called their sales department, and a very helpful salesperson advised me that their Docs to Go supports Appleworks. I was so excited to find this. I'm downloading the test application right now, and will post if it works as advertised.


    Any other comments are welcome!
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    I am not familiar with Docs to Go, but from what I heard, Wordsmith (which I am familiar with) is much easier and has more functionality on the Visor. And I use Word, and syncing couldn't be easier.

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    Bernie and others,

    Do you use WordSmith to sync with Word on a Mac (or is it just Windows?)?

    Also, is WordSmith from Blue Nomad the same as WordSmith Pro fromHandMark?

    Because I have a GoType keyboard, I can get Blue Nomad's "newest version" for a good deal, but a rep couldn't tell me if the two were the same.
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    The Handmark version is the same as the Blue Nomad version. The difference is that for the same full price, with Handmark you also get Wordcomplete, which is a convenient program. The downside is that support isn't from Blue Nomad, which makes the program, and updates aren't available as quickly, though eventually they are.

    "One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.
    -Dan Quayle
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    Thanks for the info.

    If anyone else is interested:

    GoType owners can get the latest version of WordSmith for 50% off. It also comes included with new keyboards.

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