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    How do you guys password-protect your Palm Desktop at your work's computer? My concerns are revealing MY WHOLE LIFE to other's at work, and what happens if the IT dept. gets a hold of my computer?

    Can they easily crack it and have ALL my contacts, notes on life, invention ideas, etc?

    Or how about a limited conduit, where I could only have the basics on the computer. Would that work?

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    You can use the basic password protection as a start - if you set up your password on the Visor from the Security application, then you can go to the Palm Desktop software and choose Tools, Options from the menu. Click on the Security tab and check the "Require Password to access the Palm Desktop data" box. This works when you start up Palm Desktop, but won't protect data from view if you leave the application open on your PC and leave your machine unattended.

    You can also set the "Hide Private Records" option from the View menu. If you mark contacts, diary entries, To Do entries, etc as "Private" on your Visor when you set them up, and then choose the option from the Palm Desktop menu, you need to enter your system password again to be able to view those details, otherwise they just don't show up at all.

    Also, perhaps consider not HotSync-ing data that you don't need. Do you really WANT all your contacts on the PC? If not, turn off the option in the HotSync setup so that you don't transfer the data at all. After all, your Visor is right in front of you if you want to look someone's details up!

    There may be some more advanced security apps available from places like - I haven't looked, but it's worth a shot. Also if you run NT / 2000 / XP, remember to lock your workstation when you leave it, unless someone else shares your machine, of course!

    Hope some of this is of use.


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