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    I just bought my 270 yesterday, and I noticed that before I inserted my SIM card, the SIM card voer on the back of the unit was perfectly flush. Now, after I have put the card in, it makes the cover jet out a bit and it is not really flush with the back of the unit. Has anyone else experienced this? Not a big deal, but slightly annoying when holding it in my hand. Thanks!
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    The same thing happens on mine - but I don't feel it when I hold the unit, so it doesn't bother me.

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    Same here also, but take care as it is very easy to dislodge the latch open accidentally and lose the cover together with the SIM card, I almost lost it twice,
    I had to put a small piece of paper in the gap of the latch to keep it tightly closed.
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    Yes, some units have this problem. I returned 2 "replacement" units in a row due to defective back covers. They are supposed to SNAP into place otherwise you risk eventually losing your SIM card all together. I would advise you to return while still under warranty but as with me above you never know what you will get instead. I still have my original unit that I was trying to replace in the first place. At least my door snaps shut nicely. This has got to be the worst executed idea ever. I dont wonder why it took 6 months from idea to development. A little longer next time Handspring, please.

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