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    I work for a Retailer of Sprint and Sprint Phones. And although I am not sure if i am supposed to tell. But if i wanted the BEST BUY i would be there on August 11th.

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    And should I want the BEST BUY possible, any ideas of what the price might be?
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    Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present...
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
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    I am not sure, but my guess is that the treo itself will be 499$. I have heard talk of sprint offering incentives to promote the switch to G3, so you may get a deal like 3 months of free data. There should be something in the BEST BUY flyer in the flyer on sunday but since it is coming out the following sunday maybe not.

    I am on Vacation in sunny FL right now and can let you all know when i get home.

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    Thanks for the info. I just returned from Orlando yesterday. Have fun in FL.
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    I was surfing around Best Buy today and saw this picture of a Treo on the top of their computers page. ( You would not think that to be very strange except that Best Buy does not sell Treos on thier website (at least for now).

    Just thought I would add some more fuel to the fire.

    Can't wait to get my 300!!!
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    That's a Treo 90 in the pic...
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    I did not see mention of the Treo 300 in this Sunday's BEST BUY flyer. Is it the same flyer nation wide?
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    Best Buy does sell treo's at least in the East coast. (I've seen the 270 and 90 at least)

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    Originally posted by bioart
    Best Buy does sell treo's at least in the East coast. (I've seen the 270 and 90 at least)

    The previous poster was referring to sales on Best Buy's website. FWIW, I've seen 180s and 90s in Best Buy stores, but no 270s yet. And none of the above on their website.
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    For what it's worth, shows a release date of 8/15. But I'm still betting on sometime between the 8th and 11th.
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    alrighty then, so I eat my words I thought brianblank refered to the brick and mortart BB...

    I would at least like to see the offers now... that way I can decide if I want to jump into it right away.
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    According to this article. the Treo 300 will be introduced by Sprint this Thursday when it debuts its 3G network. BTW, the article says this is the only 3G phone that Sprint is introducing at this time.
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    From the InfoWorld article:
    The Treo device will essentially be identical to the Treo 270, with the exception of a slight color change to the case, the Sprint branding, and the ability to use polyphonic, or musical, ring tones rather than more monotone beeps, buzzes, and rings now available on most devices, sources report.

    So now we can have Beethoven's Fifth for a ringtone. Very cool.
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    I'm confused...will the new Treo be called a 300 or 370?
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    Chris, I think that was a typo. Unless Sprint wants it is 100 points better than the 270.

    From the article "Over time, CDMA rather than GSM and its successor GPRS will become the standard for wireless carrier infrastructure, said Hayden."

    Hmm, should I make the switch now?
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    I guess what I'm still wondering...will the Treo 300 contain the "push email" capability that I currently love about my Blackberry?
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    I have recently heard rumors from well informed sources that suggested Treo 300 might be priced dramatically lower than the Treo 270. I have even heard suggestions that the pricing could be in the $300 range provided one signs up on the Sprint 1x network. Can you provide any more information whether the price seems to be closer to the $500 range than the $300 range. Also, does it continue to look like the network will be opening up this week?

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    The Treo 300 will be $ on it and it will be available on Thursday, August 8. The manager of the Sprint store by my house says he has 3 in right now, but he cannot sell them until August 8....I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I can confirm the release date is supposed to be Thursday. I just got off the phone with a sprint rep from the main sales divison.

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