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    Thinking of getting a Treo 90 but does the latest version of the OS have an image viewer?

    If not, can anyone recommend a good one that's cheap?

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    The Treo 90 does not come with a JPEG viewer. However, you can download the Handspring Photo Viewer for free at their website. For the price it works very well.
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    i can't seem to get it to work. i convert the jpeg to a prc file using the desktop app, but i can't load it on to the treo upon hotsync. it says it will only load it to the memory card when you click on details, but it doesn't do that either. am i missing something?

    thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Originally posted by anonuser1969
    can anyone recommend a good one that's cheap?
    I like acidimage alot, it's kinda pricey at $20, but it's got great sd card support. You don't need a conduit to store images on the card either (like you do with fireviewer), just use the install tool that comes with hotsync. There's no need to convert the image to a prc file beforehand.

    And if your digital camera uses sd cards, you should be able to view the images on the card directly from acidimage as it knows about the "\DCIM" folder (or any folder on the sd card it seems). The software has a lot of other features like slide shows and rotation/zooming. You can get a trial version at, hope that helps...

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    I downloaded the Handspring Photo Album. In addition to being freeware, it's a nice app. But I'm having the same problem as cubelover. The desktop attempts to install the images to the SD card, but then says it can't. I tried removing the card. That didn't work.

    However when I download the images to my Edge, they transfer just fine. Anybody using HPA been able download to your Treo?
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    I have not had any difficulties with the HPA on my Treo. Someone said that the desktop attempts to install the images directly to the SD card. I'm not sure how that is possible. You should be using the the desktop to load images stored on your computer into albums that are then sync'd to your handheld.
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    One other possibility: If you have docs to go with the add-on kit, they include 'Pics to go' which works well and allows you to move files back and forth to your memory card.

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