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    Are there any applications that automatically dial GSM codes to the network, and provide results of those codes?

    I'm thinking *# codes, like *#31, *#30, etc etc to check status of more than just call forwarding.

    Call barring, Call blocking, etc.

    Or... are the telephony API's published for the Treo?
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    Here is a very good link on all the codes GSM has to offer:
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    Seems like this url has some nice info regarding API's

    Heavy! Any advanced developers want to write a Phone Status App?
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    Those are great resources!

    I don't know of any apps that have a slick interface for dialing GSM codes (but it seems easy enough to develop).

    In the meantime, how about creating speed dial buttons with the GSM codes you wanna use? You could name them by function, eh?

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