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    All of a sudden I got the following problem:
    When I use the phone to call someone they can hear me but I can not hear them, I tried a soft reset but that did not help.
    Anybody have any idea what might be wrong??
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    I have exactly the same problem here, since a couple of days; going to test an hard reset, but I think my Treo is broke (again).

    if you got more news, please post them!
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    I had to get a replacement, the speaker did not work, so I have to use the wireless until I get my replacement.
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    I guessed that. so I got to replace it; i'm disappointed as this will be my 3rd replacement (previous ones for other reasons). what you intend for staying wireless until you receive the replacement?

    do you think it would be possible to have a 270 in turn paying difference? I don't want to wait for 4th replacement here...
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    I found a similar problem recently - the phone kept thinking it was in "ear phone" mode and refused to go back to normal. After a few hard taps things started working again.
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    I had the same problem and had to get a replacement and ask to pay for an upgrade to a 270. Handspring told me NO! It really bugged me. I had a Treo that was less than 2 months old I had the choice of paying an extra fee for them to ship me a replacement (no promise it would be a new one) and then I could ship them the broken one, or I could ship them mine, wait for a long time so they could fix it, and then sometime in the future they would ship it back to me. Yuck! So I asked to pay for an upgrade. The lady I spoke to in the service department just said no. So I e-mailed Handspring and made my case. I got a blow off answer that made me think they did not even read my e-mail.

    I like my Treo, I do not understand Handspring Service Department. They could keep me happy, gotten more of my money and gotten good press. What they have is a mad customer, who will give bad press when he can (like now) who will upgrade to something different when he upgrades.
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    Last night my Treo 180 speaker stopped working though the hands-free works. I've had it since March. I have never dropped it or damaged it. I have just contacted Handspring and asked for a refund - I realise they only allow this under 30 days however I have had many problems with this Treo and it's cost me as much money in shipping and lost business as it did to buy new. I wan't out of the Treo-club ASAP.

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    As of yesterday, I can only hear phone conversations using the hands-free earpiece. I've owned my Treo 180 for five trouble-free months and have even praised it on this and other chat boards. Is this some sort of weakness in the engineering of this device that is commonly experienced?
    Any ideas before I phone up Handspring (tomorow)? I'll try the hard reset idea. Steve in S. Calif.
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    I convinced the young lady with a hint of a Hindi-accent at Handspring's Toronto customer service office that my Treo 180 indeed needed to be replaced, and within two days I have my new one. The old one goes back to Handspring in the same box with an RA number. Nice to have one with the lid still firm (over five months, the lid on my first Treo grew to be ever-so-slightly wiggly). I notice that when you hotsync to a new device not everything is carried over: the hard-to-see black and white movies that I run on Tealmovie will have to be reloaded.
    The replacement cost me $25 in shipping and handling.
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    After 5 months, my 180 went out...The replacement has big problems so it's going back too...Now on Treo 180 #6....Yeah, it would be nice to pay the difference and get a 270 but what would they do with all the 180's?
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    All of a sudden, practically between phone calls, the microphone went out on me. It took a while to figure out it was the microphone as I was on the road at the time and the Treo itself was acting normal. But when I made calls the other party would continue to hang up. Sure enough, the microphone went.

    Handspring had a replacement Treo 180 in two days (which I thought was nice) and I'm hoping that this model will remain solid.


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