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    When doing hotsync, it locks up at calendar and won't finish the sync. Worked fine this am and just started this pm. Have never had a problem before with this device.
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    I had that problem and found a funny entry in my calendar. Some kind of symbols on a particular date. When I deleted those entries it started working. The entries were like something that happened when the phone was in my pocket or something. There were 2 of them.
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    What size card are you using? I've had this problem a lot since I got an 8gb card. My 'favorite' error duplicates and triplicates random items in my datebook. THEN it give me a message that there are multiples of some items and I have to decide what stays and trash the rest THEN redo the hotsync!

    Where did I put that 2gb card....
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    dbscan is something I used back in 2007 to remedy your stated problem.. Sorry I do not know where to find it. Take care

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