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    For those who received replacement Treo because of screen problem or stylus issue do you still have noticeably bright screen in upper right corner? I'm going to call Handspring for this and loose stylus and just want to know what others are getting.
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    i got a replacement unit pretty early on (bought my treo w/in a week of it coming out) for a stylus problem. i haven't experienced any brightness issues with the screen either on the original or replacement unit. <knock on wood>
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    Oh come on, I thought they all did (mine does). Doesn't your screen have a hotspot in the upper right-hand corner??

    Also, someone asked a while back if our "a" keys are soft. Well, mine is! It just doesn't have the noticeable "click" feeling that all the other keys have. One display model I tried had the same "feature".

    Seems to be "as designed", or whatever.
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    Oh, I forgot that "a" key issue. It seems like everyone has same problem.
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    yes, if it's pointed out to me the upper right-hand corner is slightly brighter and the 'a' key is somewhat soft. however, i'm not sure i would have noticed either of these issues without this list. honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. these seem like nits. sure, it's not perfect but i've never had a handheld that was...
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    The hotspot in the right corner is by design. That's where your backlight it. If you're in an app with a mostly white screen, like a blank memo, you should notice a hotspot in the upper right corner and a bit of dimming on the bottom right and top left.

    At first I thought it rather strange that HS designed it this way. Two backlights or more would produce a more consistent light. But it was probably done, not only to keep the cost of the unit down, but also to increase battery time. Long runs on a battery seems to be one of the Treo90's strengths. I suspect the backlight was put in the top right corner instead of top middle was because there would probably be really bad deadspots on the top corners.

    The deadspot was the first thing I noticed about the screen when I first saw it at Best Buy. But after 3 weeks of using it, I really don't notice it anymore.

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