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    I've been using TomTom Navigator 6 with my Treo 680 for a while and got it to work with the big USA & Canada map and with the individual maps from TT5 (much faster). It works well for my purposes except for one thing - the maps are outdated!

    Anybody know how to get some more accurate maps? I wouldn't mind switching to a different program or something but I really would like to have GPS navigation on my Treo 680 with some newer maps.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can buy some 2008/9 vintage maps from TomTom. I see that the Palm navigation kit w/Garmin XT's price has been lowered at

    Lastly, you could always subscribe to TeleNav. It's owned by TomTom, so the look/feel is very similar and those maps are continuously updated.

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