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    Has anyone tried the Audiovox Thera and have any comments about it?
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    I purchased the Thera the first day it came out.
    I am a big PocketPC fan in alot of ways. I owned an iPaq and loved it as a PDA. To make a very long story short...I longed for the simplicity of Palm.

    Somewhere in between the iPaq and my current Treo270 I bought the Thera through Verizon (which has been nothing but great as a cellular provider).

    As a's great.
    As a was awful.
    The battery lasted about 1-1/2 hours talktime...if that.
    You couldn't hold it to your ear like a normal phone. Speakerphone or Headset only.
    It was too big to carry around. Especially when not working.
    Reception was horrible. I kept dropping calls. I having NO reception at all.

    Plus...I'm a phone dropper. I drop them all of the time. My Treo already has a big scratch across the front. (It didn't break though...knock on wood.)

    If you drop the LARGER, BULKIER Thera, you're out $800.

    The Treo IMO is a much better package overall. Even with my crappy VoiceStream service.
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    I'm with NickC on this one.

    Thera is a partial PPC-Phone implementation, and not a very good one either. Low battery life, terrible phone integration, and significant expense (for a phone, something I generally treat roughly), led me to take advantage of Verizon's 14-day "buyer's remorse" clause (yet another good thing about Verizon).

    I did like the PPC portion of it, so I purchased the Maestro (w/bluetooth) and use it to access the web wirelessly through my Bluetooth phone.

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    You guys might want to check out the xda. similar to thera but with much longer battery life. pocket pc/gsm hybrid.
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    Hi. I'm not all up in arms against Thera; in fact I don't really have an opinion about it. But it has been a loud subject in my brain the last couple of days. I was very intrigued to read that it supposedly has an 8 hour standby time. I posted this in a different thread (below).

    But now that we have an actual, real-life Thera user on the boards, perhaps you can clarify ...

    According to a review in the "Dallas Morning News" dated June 27, 2002 ...

    Thera Talk time: 90 minutes
    Thera STANDBY time: 8 hours

    (I'd link to the Dallas Morning News article, but unfortunately, the article is unavailable on web because it's more than 30 days old. It is sitting right here in front of me in printed form, "Trying that call again.")

    You'd think with a 1100mAh battery that the sucker would get better life. A big kiss on the lips to anybody who can find confirmation of this horrendous battery life stat on the web ...
    The offer for a big kiss on the lips still stands. (Heh heh, wait until they find out I am a gigantic slobbery llama with amazing typing powers. Oh wait. Did I write that, or think it? D'oh!)

    Again, not to dis' Thera. Verizon is an excellent carrier with great coverage. The only objection I have is to Verizon's very annoying commercials with what you can tell was a hand-picked group of supposedly "hip" people flashing the peace sign and yakking on their phones. That, and the really really really REALLY terrible theme song. My friends sing it to each other when we want to get in a fist fight. "All the world over, so easy to see. People everywhere just want to be free ..." Aaaaaggggh! But that was off topic. Llamas go off topic often. Can't blame us. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Back to slobbering on my bale of hay.
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    Originally posted by Japorms
    You guys might want to check out the xda. similar to thera but with much longer battery life. pocket pc/gsm hybrid.
    Checked it out? You bet! Looks great. Purchased one? Well, not until they become available in the US. Right now, the only one I could find pending for US distribution is the Sendo Z100 planned by Cingular sometime in the Summer of this year. As a happy Verizon customer, I am not really interested in GSM and I am particularly not interested in Cingular!

    But I do agree - these phones are going to be NICE!

    Check out: for more info.


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