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    Has anyone upgraded to the 270 from a 180?
    The 180 was available first, and I bought one before the 270 came out. I stupidly thought I would be able to upgrade to the color version later.
    1. Handspring offers no trade-in value for the 180.
    2. Even if I sell the 180 myself, the cost of a 270 with an existing phone plan is $699 vs $499 with a new phone plan.
    It's clear that Handspring is only interested in new customers.
    That's sad.
    -I've spent a good chunk of money already
    -I'm very happy with the 180
    -I'd be willing to spend a little more to upgrade.
    Has anyone out there figured out a way to upgrade to 270 without wasting a bucket of money?
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    I was able to take advantage of the VisorPhone upgrade deal for both the 180 & 270 using the same serial number for both.

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    I did. I took a gamble and so far it has paid off...

    1 - bought 180 on amazon for $399, sent in for $150 rebate
    2 - later bought visorphone ser# on ebay for $50
    3 - used ser# to order 270 from handspring for $499
    4 - sold 180 on ebay for $350
    5 - received $150 rebate from 180

    So in the grand scheme of things, I bought a 270 for roughly $450. Not too shabby!

    - Matt
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    Same here, I bought a 180 with the visorphone upgrade for $400

    Used the 180 until the 270 came out, sold the 180 on eBay for 375

    Use the visorphone upgrade again for $500

    Then sold the visorphone for $75

    eBay is the tool of choice for early adopters

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