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    Hey everyone,

    Let me get this straight, the 270 is basically a different color 180 with a color screen and a backlit keyboard, correct? I just played with a 180 and loved the form factor. I just want to know if the form factors, physically are the same between the 180 and 270. I bought a 270 and it's on its way!
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    I haven't handled the 270, but if you are deciding whether to get the 180 or the 270 my advice is: Be sure.
    I bought the 180 when it first came out. I stupidly thought I could upgrade to the color version once it came out.
    1. Handspring offers no trade-in value for the 180.
    2. Even if I sold the 180 myself, the price for a 270 with an exsisting phone plan is $699 vs. $499 when you buy a new phone plan.
    There is a HUGE disincentive to upgrade once you choose. I am locked into the 180 model.
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    I waited for the 270 after years with an Edge. The color screen makes all the difference in the world regarding readability -- but it does wash out in sunlight (no matter what Handspring says). Besides that, the form factor is just about identical; if you want to be totally sure, most 'Staples' stores near me have demo (non-operational) models that you can handle if you ask nice.

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