i have a 650 for Verizon. I've been having this really annoying problem lately: One day, when checking Blazer for a simple internet search, it beeped and said,

"There is not enough memory available on your device. You can free up memory by deleting files or moving them to an expansion card."

I then headed over to the "Delete Applications" function, as it's the only place I know where I can directly access files. I deleted a lot of crap, including all the cookies and an entire video game. And anything that looked the slightest bit extraneous. Returned to Blazer: no difference. All of my photos are already stored on the memory card, so I don't know what more I can delete to make room. (Besides, my Treo must be much more empty of files now than when I was using it successfully earlier.) I can't even get into the Blazer program to change any preferences on it, as it locks me out entirely with that error screen. Any idea of how I can get to using the internet again??