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    a few days ago, i found that my treo is one of the unfortunate ones that has a problem hanging onto the stylus.
    after much fustration and getting sticky black goo all over my styli and treo, i found a way to get it to stay.

    this is not cheesy, and it doesnt interfer with the use of the stylis at all. i hardy know its there, unless i look for it.

    1. cut a piece of black electrical tape that is aprox 3/16 inch(4mm) by 1/2 inch(12mm). (a great way to do this is to put a strip of tape onto a clean cutting surface, and then cut out what you need, and peal it off like a sticker).

    2. attach it onto the stylus as shown in the picture (the red is the tape). the tape should go onto the stylus on the top black plastic part just under the ridges on the stylus, to about half way up the black plastic part.

    if when you insert the stylis into the treo, and the tape bunches up slightly, then cut a very small piece of the tape off. aprox 1/16 inch or 2 mm.

    the main friction point seems to be slightly to the left of the ridge on the top of the stylus. if you have any proplems, this is were you should look. if its still too lose, the tape needs to go slightly down, and if its too tight, then you need to cut some off.

    note: image is from, and edited via photoshop. i dont have a digital cam any more, so sorry that i dont have any real pics.
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