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    UPDATE! The Airborne Express man came today and left a note on my door - since I just moved into this new address, it can only be my Treo 270. Hopefully it will be a post-hand-inspection Treo that Handspring said they were going to do.


    Ok ... would it be helpful if we kept track of how long most of us were having to wait for our replacement 270's -- those of us who have had our screens go out. We can post the dates each of our units died, and when we received our replacement, so that the rest of us suffering without our 270 can maybe, possibly, guess when we might see our replacement.

    Location: Washington, DC
    Screen Died: July 23rd
    Replacement Requested: July 23rd
    Replacement Received: Aug 1

    Elapsed Time: 9 days


    PS: A few tips on living without the backlight: 1. Marginal usability if you get a really bright flashlight and shine it on the screen. 2. Use the numbers on the keyboard to dial phone numbers, then press Enter to connect. 3. Get TCRinger, so that even though you can't easily see the screen to know who's calling, you can assign some ringers to groups/individuals to help you out.
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    My Treo 270 went black on 7/25. Handspring replied that a replacement would be sent shortly, but that was probably a form letter they use for RA's.

    When they acknowledged the problem, I crossed my fingers, hoping beyond hope that I wouldn't be affected, but the screen died two days later.

    I think this problem is much biger then they lead their customers to believe.......
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    My SECOND Treo 270's backlight just died (July 29) and I'm leaving for Brazil for 3 weeks TOMORROW. Thanks Handspring.
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    Ok here is my status.

    Bought My Treo mid June (forget the exact date) about a couple days into it's use (I was loving it) it died. While I was on Vacation in Montana! I say ok, thats only a little bit bad cus I'm an early adopter and we should expect problems like these. So When I got back home to NJ I called handspring and they said they would send a replacemnet within 2 days. It actually came In 2 days, but I was not home being a working man and all. So that day I drove to my airborne express and got it. (it was only 20 min away) I got home and transfered the sim card and the Treo worked fine until I turned on the phone. Could not connect to voicestream!! So I called handspring thinking I did something wrong in the trasfer process. The tech said "i'm sorry but I have to send you another replacement" ( I hadnet even sent my first one back and I was waiting for my second Treo to arrive!!) 2 days later I got now my third Treo. Same problem. Soooo I open up my first Treo with the bad backlight hold it under a bright light, put in the sim card and I get service. So I call tech support they transfer me to voicestream and voicestream has me do some tests with both the old and the new one. They tell me to call handspring and get a replacement. UGH!! I am now waiting for my 4th replacemnt after being delayed for about 2 weeks!!! cus of the backlight problem. I just hope the one I get tomorrow works. I must say that even thought they cept sending falty products there response time was really good. thats my rant for the day.

    ohh yeah on more thing I also think handspring has other problems with the Treos that they aren't telling people like the phone problem i am experiencing.
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    Originally posted by IxLoc
    ohh yeah on more thing I also thing handspring has other problems with the Treos that they arent telling people like the phone problem i am experiencing.
    I'm now thinking we're the beta testers for the 270s. There are a lot of problems for a $500 product. A lot!
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    MY 4th TREO WORKS!!! glad they got rid of both those bugs. I have a phone again!!!
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    You should put the number of replacements in the on how many Treos you've had to send back.

    Please see my Thread in General Discussion about the fact HS does NOT extend your warranty from the ORIGINAL date of purchase no many how many things go wrong or how many replacements you've had, even if they're manufacturing defects.
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    Originally posted by IxLoc
    MY 4th TREO WORKS!!! glad they got rid of both those bugs. I have a phone again!!!
    Congratulations. Consider me green with envy. Roughly when did HS say they were going to ship you this most recent one, and how long did it actually take??
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    Unfortunatly, my 3rd Treo can to me with The no service problem and then the day after I called handspring (after they said overnight delivery) They acknolaged the backlight problem and my replacement got cought in the loop. So, it took about a week to get this working Treo. Which I assume means that they have finished screening there Treos and are sending then out again. so it should not take as long as mine did to arrive.
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    I called Handspring to notify them of a backlight problem on a Thursday. I had the unit for about a month. I was told it would be two business days.

    I received my replacement the following Thursday. It's been a week, so far so good.
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    Ok, just picked up my Treo from the Airborne man ... seems to be working ok so far, but I've only had it on for a few minutes. We'll see how it goes.

    Total time was roughly 9-10 days for the replacement, but I don't know if that was complicated by Handspring's shipment halt or not as I called in to get a replacement the day before the announced that they were halting production and going back to check all the units.

    I'll test out the headset later, to see if that is fixed in the new one.

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    Well here's my backlight story.

    My Treo backlight died late 7-31.
    I called Handspring noon on 8-1.
    My new Treo came 11am 8-2.

    Hopefully good news for future problems anyone has.

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    Well, I received my "advanced replacement" on 8/1 -- 7 days after calling in. My first unit backlight lasted about 48 hours.

    Unfortunately, my SECOND backlight went out on saturday -- 3 days later. I called HS this morning and was somewhat concerned with their response. At first they wanted to take me through some "troubleshooting" -- soft resets (which I had done) as well as a hard reset. The problem was that I was out of state, had to call from my treo (and couldn't just test it as he walked me through) and hadn't performed a hotsink.

    When the CSR balked about company policy and trying to call back later, I made a little stink and he agree to replace it. After I was through providing the info, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was trying to see how this could happen. He started with the "HS has acknowledged the problem and are hand testing these units in the quality control area...." when I explained that this WAS a replacement that had been "tested." He didn't really have any suggestions or response at that point. He did offer to "expedite" shipment and suggested that they will send it tomorrow for delivery Tuesday. I'm hoping they will come through. If anyone with a "tested replacement" has ANY problems, please post a response. I am concerned whether their current "fix" is working.
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    Broke (not the money kind)- Thurs. Aug. 1st
    Called Handspring - Friday Aug. 2nd.
    Received replacement - Monday Aug. 5th

    One Business Day!!! I'm happy!!!

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