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    My Treo 180g failed two weeks ago after three months use. Basically the unit kept locking up and wouldn't turn on. A hard reset worked at first but then this stopped working and the best I could get was a screen with random black dots (like corrupt data). Clearly a hardware fault as the same happened even with no 3rd party software installed.

    Arranged a replacement a week ago from Handspring in Europe. When I chased them up today they said that, the problem is endemic and they have had many units fail. They therefore would not be shipping replacements for at least two weeks by which time they hope to have resolved the problem.

    The guy also mentioned that they knew about this last week when I called "but weren't allowed to tell people about it".

    I am now extremely pissed off as I will have been without a phone for over a month by the time a replacement arrives.
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    Perhaps you can just find another phone for the meantime? In Europe you should be able to pick up an old GSM phone for close to nothing, right? Just pop you SIM in and you're off. I know it isn't the same as having your Treo, but at least you'll have a phone.

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