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    I've been setting Beam Receive to No, but I've noticed that it will turn back to Yes after some time. I thought maybe Hotsync was doing it, but I tested it and it wasn't the culprit.

    Any thoughts? By the way, I think I'm starting to fall in love with this little beauty -- the keyboard navigation is starting to get easier, and it's fantastic for typing memos!
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    mine does the same thing. werid. i wonder if omniremote has anything to do with it. it seems that it inables the beam recieve every time i run it. do you have this app installed?
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    No, so that's not it. I've installed a few hacks all at the same time, so it could be one of those, but I don't really feel like uninstalling them just yet... EasyLaunch helps a lot, and the new McPhling is great, since you can have a button do exactly what those swipes do in the earlier version. I also have TreoKeyboard Utils, so it could be any one of those three. Do you have any of these?

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