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    My objective:

    1. Install MSWord documents in their NATIVE format (e.g.: filename.doc) onto my Treo 180g.

    2. Attach one or more of these files to an e-mail and send them out WIRELESSLY using my Treo.

    3. Know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the recipient can open these files in MSWord without incident.

    How can I accomplish this?

    I can't believe I'm the ONLY one who want this functionality. I remain convinced that this objective can be achieved with software available right now. Your help is appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, what you're looking for is a PocketPC - they can do this out of the box.

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    I'm certainly NOT looking for a PocketPC. ;-) Yeah, I know they can offer more in the area of connectivity. But, I'm quite satisfied with the PalmOS for all of my other needs, so I'll stick with Palm and work out this issue too. The bottom line is, it's not critical. But, I'd sure like to get this working. It would definately increase the overall value of my Palm mobile "office".

    I would appreciate any ideas for Palm solutions.

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    The solution I use accomplishes parts 2-3 of your objective. I use QuickOffice v6 and Corsoft Aileron email services.

    MS Word doc's & Excel spreadsheets from desktop are coverted to QOfc format when sent to Treo -- some high-level formatting may be lost -- but the basics come across.

    Aileron service converts attachments to/from MS Word & Excel so they can be read on Treo. What you send an attachment, QOfc format gets converted to Word/Excel for your recipient & what what you receive gets converted from Word/Excel to QWord/QSheet.

    Aileron also reads attachments using WordSmith -- arguably the best word processor for Palm OS -- and Documents-to-Go, but *I think* only with QuickOffice can you to COMPOSE a new doc or sheet on Treo and send it via Aileron.

    Hope this helps.
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    As you mention, this is close to what I'm looking to achieve. But, not completely. Even still, I'll take a closer look and consider it.

    For your own interest, and the interest of others reading this thread, I'll share a previous solution that I am again reconsidering - until a new and seamless solution surfaces.

    The previously free fee-based service called "My Docs Online", is an option I might use again. I used their remote file hosting services from my PalmVIIx (when it was free), and found it quite easy and useful to use. Their PQA offered quick access to my uploaded files. Once my files were selected for outbound emailing, I addressed them and they were sent to the desired destination within just a few moments. They arrived with my return email address as if they came directly from me. It's a fine service and relatively inexpensive (50 Megabytes: Quarterly - $9.95, Annual - $34.95), but I would very much like to find a completely "owned" solution as my needs are quite minimal and probably wouldn't even surpass 1MB per year. I detest paying recurring fees for infrequently used services.

    I hope this helps others seeking this same solution.

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    Well, after sifting through the replies from this group and two other Palm mailing lists, I found myself once again at

    If anyone else is interested in My Docs Online, their web site is:

    Price list:

    I chose the least expensive plan (50 Megabytes of storage) since my storage needs are minimal. Their rates are $9.95 for 3 months, or $34.95 for an entire year. When broken down, the rate is $0.11/day for 3 months or $0.09/day for the annual plan. All in all, it still works great. It's easy to access and forward any kind of file format I choose to upload.

    How does it work?

    Using either your main computer or their PalmVII PQA, you login and access your file list. Select the files you want to send and address them in their email prep screen. If logged in via your main computer, your recipient will receive the message with a direct URL link to the files for downloading. If logged in via the PQA, your recipient will receive the message along with the file attachment.

    Hope this helps.


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