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    I downloaded this yesterday after reading a review on palmgear where they compared it very favorably to dopewars for palm OS.

    I played it 3 Hrs straight at work ... 2 Hrs parked at the gym ... 3 Hrs before falling asleep in bed ...

    This thing is awesome!

    Here's my question: Is there a version (or a similar game) of this for the PC with better graphics and such?

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    It says in the documentation that it was based on two games for the PC. I think one was called solar wars. Space Trader is my favorite game!
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    Originally posted by w0mbat
    I played it 3 Hrs straight at work ...
    Hope your boss doesn't know your handle here ...
    The light at the end of your tunnel has been disconnected due to non-payment. Please remit funds immediately for restoration of hope.
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    eh heh he

    no fear ...

    I was supposed to read a whole buncha documentation written by program managers ...

    actually, I played this through an 1 1/2 project meeting today while everyone was yakking about inconsequential stuff ... Of course everyone assumed I was taking notes on my PDA like an uber-geek

    I love the built-in flip cover on the edge

    long live the edge! long live SpaceTrader!
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    i don't konw about the pc version, but i do konw that there is a palm emulater. You know like a gameboy emulator willl let you play gameboy games on your computer and so forth. well, a palm emulator will let you play palm games on the computer. so you could just play space trader version for palm onto da computer. I'm not too sure if you understood that or not. And to get the emulator, i think that if u go to palmgear and searched for it, you will find it. just search for emulator
    hope it helps

    *** updated ***
    scratch that.. hehe i had nothing else better to do and i just went to go search for the emulator. The version that I found was very complicated to setup. It was like VirtualPC or VMWare Workstation. LIke the emulator was bascially a computer w/o an operating system. and To get the Rom you had to sign up w/ PALM and im sure that there will be some coding involved, i always thought that it would be a simple process.
    Sorri if i got your hopes up, maybe there are some emulators out there that are easier to use.

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