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    Just found Budget Dialup and it's great on my Treo 270. Went to their web site ( and within 5 minutes was surfing the net using Blazer. They have 2 pre-paid monthly plans that give you up to 20 hours for only 6.95 !!

    I also love my Treo 270. Fortunately haven't experienced problems that others have. Had a Visor Phone w/Prism and the Treo 270 is a great improvement in functionality and size/weight.

    I'd love to hear from other users on their experience.
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    In the UK we have this scheme whereby you don't pay a monthly charge but the ISP and the phone provider split the connection charge; tends to be about 1 pence (1.5c) per minute.

    The thing is it might cost more if you're on a mobile, since you might get charged to call the access number; that is, people on pay-as-you-go instead of monthly schemes.



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