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    While talking on the phone.. the person on the line says that my voice echoes ?

    happened alot with different people i talked to

    did anybody experienced this??

    (note that the backlight went dead on me [im an International Treo owner] and im waiting for the replacement. sent it right before the news came out about HS's acknowledgment about the issue.
    like most, im pissed about it .. i paid over 700 dollars .. and I am very much thinking of selling my unit when I get it .. I DONT appreciate what HS has done.. current thoughts: im goin back to 2 devices but this time im taking advantage of bluetooth..)
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    This site has a wonderful search function. As with many discussion groups and sites, it is good practice to do a search first and see if anyone has asked and answered your question before. Just search for 'echo' and you will be overwhelmed with information.

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