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    I have been a dedicated Visor Prism user for 1 1/2 years, and I had no intention of givng it up until second-generation OS 5 devices came out. Then, about a week ago, I had a chance to pick up a Treo 90 from handspring for an incredible deal. It came in on Monday, July 23, and I love it!
    I first thought I would hold on to it as a "Back Up" device and continue to use my fully loaded Prism, but I have harldy touched the Prism since then!. The size is perfect, the keyboard is a breeze to use, and best of all, I really can use it outside.

    The darn Prism feels like a lead weight now. And, I started thinking about how often I really use my modules. I always have my Smartmedia Memplug in there, but I hardly ever use my modem, voice recorder, camera or 802.11b module.

    I am now officially a treo convert. I agree that a Jog Rocker would be nice, but I can live without it. A few things that bug me about the Treo:
    1. The Contact Manager stinks. You cannot sort contacts by company, only by first and last name! (I do have Action Names and eyecontact, both of which sort by company just fine, though)
    2. Where is the "Quick Lookup" feature made popular on the edge? I know there is an integrated keyboard, but it would be nice to look up contacts without opening the lid.
    3. The little Graffiti shortcut is to hard to access. I use a lot of graffiti shortcuts, and it would be nice just to press a few keys to access them, instead of having to dig through several keys just to find the little fishy-thing.
    4. That bright spot in the upper right corner is annoying.

    Overall, the complaints don't even come close to making me unhappy. I look forward to other more powerful Treo Communicators in the future.

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    I bought my Treo to test apps I'm developing, but it never seems to leave my hand.

    Here's a possible workaround to the shortcut issue. Download Lazy Launcher and LookDA from

    LL is a desk accessory launcher and LDA is a word replacement DA. They're both free. Provided you've got XMaster or Hackmaster you might shorten life a few strokes. I hold down my todo button and a list pops up with LookDA at the top. I press return and three changing word options appear at the bottom of my screen. If you put your shortcuts in the database, you just start typing a character or two and when your shortcut pops up, tap with your finger and it's entered. Note that I haven't tried it for this purpose, but it should work. I'd delete other entries in the database to minimize the number of strokes even more.

    There should be an easier solution, but this may work for now. It would be nice if Rick Bram's Pop! were keyboard accessible. This would cure the whole problem.
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    And another thing: Instead of using quick lookup, Contacts was on off the Treo apps designed to be used with one hand. Try this one handed: Press the contacts button, then just start typing the last name. I find it more useful and faster than quick lookup (but it doesn't make the cool beeps).
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    And even another thing: Rick Bram's Pop!, which gives you a popup categorized shortcut list that can be inserted with a tap, does work with the 90. You have to install his Pop! hack and Pop app and set Pop app to open Pop! hack. Using Buttons T (freeware) I mapped the list to popup when I press option-memo. You still have to tap the shortcut you want to insert, but it seems to be more convenient than the shortcut key.

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