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    I am encouraged by all the help the other forum posters have been receiving so quickly and now ask the same treatment towards me. Basically, I have a 32 MB Sandisk smart media card. I am trying to accomplish three things with this card. But I think that only one thing is stopping me. My 90 keeps telling me my card is read only. 1) Get the free version of back up buddy to work but it says there is an error and it is read only
    2) I have a new Casio Exilim camera (very sweet) and I am trying to view the picture from it directly from the Smartmedia card using Splash Photo but so far I have proved unsucessful because once again it says the card is read only
    3) I'm just trying to move some of my numerous programs on to the camera but I am receiving the read only message.

    Hopefully the answer is something quick and simple but it never is it?
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    The SD card is fomatted for use only with your camera.
    In order to view the JPEG's w/Treo you will first have to transfer them to another card that has a standard format which the Treo can read.
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    Format the SD card on your Treo 90. Then use it to take pictures with the camera. This usually solves problems with strange camera formatting.

    Dare I ask - is the read only tab turned on on this card?
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    Ok next question: Do I need a program to format the SD card on the Treo. I already have filez, but do I need anything else?
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    Tap the Card Info app on the app screen. The menu has Palm's built-in format feature as well as a rename feature.

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