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    Hi, Is there any one using Treo 270 to sync with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X on two different Mac computers. I am not sure of this is a doable thing and I don't want to spend many hours afterword to fix the mix-up.

    Please help, Thanks.
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    I did it a few times with my Treo 270 until M$ released EntourageX sync. Since then, I sync exclusively in OSX. On my old Visor, I used to sync between my Mac9 and a PC. In all cases, I made sure there was only one of each conduit. So I was not using the PDA to sync between the two boxes.

    However, a client does use his Sony (Palm OS) to sync his contacts between his Office (Mac OS 9) and home (Mac OS 9). As I understand it, just make sure that you never start with the same contacts in both boxes or you'll end up with duplicate (or triplicate) contacts in all three devices.

    In other words, once you get your Treo synched with your OS 9 box, make sure the OS X box does not have any of the same contacts. Otherwise, the Treo will add (not sync) its contacts to the OS X box and the OS X box will add (not sync) its contacts to the Treo. You'll end up with two of each contact in both places.

    Once you get all three synched the first time, all should be good.

    But, if you ever wipe the Treo's memory, the same problem will arise. It would be a good idea to back up your address book(s) on both boxes before attempting this.


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