my treo 180 is refusing to see the mobile/wireless phone network in hong kong (gsm 900). i have tried several sim cards in my treo that i know work on the networks that my usa-purchased machine does but i am unable to connect.

i suspect the treo's software isn't really allowing the phone to do a search. with other mobile phones, this common problem is overcome by taking the battery out. with treo, you can't, so you can't really hard-shock the phone into trying again.

there is nothing wrong with my sim cards (they work in other phones on the gsm 900 band)
and there is nothing wrong the with networks (hk is one of the best wired places on earth and my connection with other phones is perfect).

the problem is squarely with the treo. perhaps it's a software snafu.

i have tried
-shutting the treo off for several hours
-resetting it
-trying different sim cards
-dialing emergency numbers (911/999)

the phone just can't connect to the network. but a month ago it did so flawlessly in europe, where the mobile phone system is just like hong kong's (ie, gsm900).

i NEED some advice on how to hard-shock the treo into finding the gsm 900 network that hong kong has. please help me, and thanks!