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    Rosswords directed me to the author of TreoKbUtils page for the update and got me thinking about returning ALL hack functions to my Treo 90 than I have on my Edge.

    So here's the challenge: What hack functions do you now use on your Treo that replace hacks that you used the silkscreen or screentaps for on your Graffiti PDA? (Rule: These hacks must be completely functional with keypresses and hardware keys only. No screen presses.)

    I use Button Manager as a launcher and TreoKbUtils for enhanced navigation.

    But beyond the basics, I missed desk accessories On H. Yamakado's page,, yyou'll find the latest version of TreoKbUtils and a link to "Cute and Funky DAs" which is the premier desk accessory page around.

    Lazy Launcher put a list of your da's on any hardware key and doesn't interfere with my launcher. ToUpper da to change letter case is keyboard enabled as well.

    Block Case hack does almost the same thing as ToUpper da and can be activated to change the case of highlighted text with the shift key.

    Anybody got any other hacks that return function to our silkscreenless Treos?
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    Since you're discussing hacked programs in general, and mentioned Button Manager in particular, perhaps you can help me out with a problem.

    I'm new to PDA's, having just purchased a Treo 90 for my wife (on which she's been playing Bedazzled for hours as I write this <g>), and a Palm m515 for mself.

    Upon seeing recommendations here, I downloaded what (I think) is our first "hacked" program, Button Manager, and installed it on her Treo. The documentation recommended installing Xmaster and the version of Button Manager designed for that, which I did. Doesn't work, though-- if she tries to run Button Manager, she gets "Fatal Error" and the machine resets.

    This whole "hacked program" thing is new to me, so it's probably user error. I installed Xmaster first, then selected it from the applications menu, and it showed one (unchecked) box, for Diddlebug Screen Capture. I then installed Button Manager, started Xmaster again, still only have the Diddlebug box available (ie, no box for Button Manager).

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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    Despite that the Readme says, I'd delete the Xmaster version of button manager and use the pure hack version. It seems to work fine on the Treo. The app version, from my understanding uses XMaster, but nothing shows up in your Xmaster list. When you install the "buttonmanagerhack"version it will show up on the list. Then configure and enable as you want. The calc button won't work since you don't have a calc button on the Treo.

    Hacks are cool things. The hack category at has 400 entries. Many are free and can really hotrod your PDA for power use.
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    Okay, thanks, I'll try the other version of the program-- as soon as I can pry the Treo from my wife's hands long enough!

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    Don't tell her she can play the thing runs while the charger cable's plugged in or you may real problems.
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    Too late. <g>

    Hey, I tried loading Xmaster and the pure hack version of Button Manager last night-- same results, "Fatal Error", when I try to configure Button Manager.

    Should I try using Hackmaster instead of Xmaster?

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    Sorry to put you this. Did you remove the old button manager from the system? Remove the Xmaster version if you haven't? Did you try a soft reset?
    Sometimes works wonders for system glitches.

    I'm running XMaster 1.41 and button manager 1.2d Hack version, Don't know if this makes a difference, but the version of Hackmaster that comes with button manager is 1.4. should have the latest version.

    But first. Try removing all hacks. Do a soft reset. Then install button manager hack and see what happens.
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    >> Did you remove the old button manager from the system? Remove the Xmaster version if you haven't? Did you try a soft reset? <<

    Yup, yup, and yup. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $only$ $other$ $hack$ $on$ $the$ $machine$ $was$ $Diddlebug$ $Screen$ $Capture$, $which$ $I$ $removed$ $before$ $loading$ $anything$.

    Just to be sure I'm not missing something basic (as I said, I'm new to PDA's), the proper way to remove programs from a PDA is to simply delete them, using the Applications pull down menu, right? Ie, there's no "uninstall" program for applications, and no Control Panel/Remove Programs, as there is with a PC?

    Getting ready to leave for the weekend (and will probably be offline). I'll try finding and installing the exact versions you're running when we get back next week.

    Thanks for all your help, really appreciate it.

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    You are correct sir that you remove files with the menu command from the drop-down menu on the startup App screen. This removes the app and any files associated with it.

    However, hacks are different. They are custom code hunks and not apps. Open XMaster and uncheck the hack before deleting. (important)

    Then delete the hack from XMaster's drop down menu.

    It used to be more difficult to delete a hack without disabling it. I believe when OS4 came out, it allowed the deleting of hacks, though you can't tell if they're enable or not.

    Also, whenever you add a newer version of a hack, always uncheck the old one first in XMaster. I uncheck and delete the old version first before installing an upgrade of a hack.

    If you're going to install the Xmaster app again, uncheck and delete all hacks. That shouldn't be necessary, but it might cure whatever problem you're having.
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    Originally posted by flibmeister
    Yup, yup, and yup. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $only$ $other$ $hack$ $on$ $the$ $machine$ $was$ $Diddlebug$ $Screen$ $Capture$, $which$ $I$ $removed$ $before$ $loading$ $anything$.
    Not to derail the topic, but Diddlebug actually works on the Treo? I was under the impression that it was a graffiti-driven app, so how exactly does it work with the 90's keyboard? I've been looking for a better screen capture app, and I'd love to give this a shot if it really works...
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    Just checked Diddlebug on Palmgear. It's black and white. In the previous update, the screenshot feature didn't work on my Edge, which meant it didn't work on color either. The new version might work on the Treo, but it only produces monochrome images, IF it does. Apparently the new author of the app is working on color.

    Screenshot hack at works great with color screenshots on the Treo 90. It creates it's own database of screenshots. (Down load the demo and try it.)

    To view the images on the desktop: PC reader comes with the paid shareware. Mac needs Graphic Converter, an app worth it's cost at (GC also reads and writes fireviewer and imageviewer files and about a billion other formats. I'm exaggerating. Maybe only a million.)

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