I sent an email to myself from one account on my PC, and received it wirelessly using another email account on my Handspring Treo 180g via MultiMail Pro v3.1. I attached a 35kb Microsoft Word (version XP) document to the message. According to the message details, I received the message and the attachment just fine.

However, I am experiencing two difficulties and need some help.

1. Although I have installed all of the available plug-in players (including the MSWord Plugin Viewer by Actual Software, CreatorID: MA09), I cannot find an option anywhere to select the attached document for viewing.

2. I cannot figure out how to forward the message with the same file attachment. The file attachment disappears and I cannot find it
anywhere on my Treo. I cannot even find it using the file attachment feature (paper clip icon) and all of the plug-in filters.

Any help would be appreciated.