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    Since Saturday when I turn on the 755P it wants me to reprovision the data services. When I try to do it automatically then, it fails. If I do it manually it works, and then a day or so later starts again wanting me to provison the data service. I called Sprint and they are clueless. Anyone else having this happen?

    The tech thought it might have something to do with the EVO phone and the large number of new phones they sold that are provisioning and using the network.
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    Mine has been doing that periodically for a few months, usually on the reset after swapping batteries. Then the first time I try to connect to the network, I get an error 3000, but after that it's OK.
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    Yes, that is one time I do notice it is when swapping batteries. That is interesting that you have too. I think I have had it other times as well though.

    One time I had that error 3000, the rest I connect ok but it won't update the vision profile unless I do it manually.
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    Same problem here on BOTH my 755p. Happens at the same time ON BOTH PHONES and I never remove/swap batteries. When I call Sprint Business support, they force the provisioning to my phones and it works. Same thing happens about a month later. Sprint no longer supports the *2 PRL updates for Treos either. They told me I need to drive 60 miles to a Sprint store to get the PRL updates (I realize this is different than provisioning), just wanted to add in case the problems are related. I don't think the EVO has anything to do with it as I have had the problem since January or February.

    As for Error 3000, I get it EXACTLY every other time I attempt to data connect if I set my apps (SnapperMail, 4cast, Web) to disconnect on exit. If I leave the data connection active, no Error 3000. Only downside is decreased battery life.

    I had this same problem on Alltel, but they were able to make some kind of adjustment on their end so the Error 3000 went away. They told me their fix would make it difficult to websurf while driving as it would no longer hand off the open data connection as I moved to a new tower. I would have to reconnect the data connection. Small price to pay for increased battery life and not having to see the Error 3000 window! SPRINT SAID THEY COULDN'T FIX IT ON THEIR SYSTEM.
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    Well, I got this message again the other day when I was at O'Hare, and told it to go ahead, expecting that it would fail, but it didn't fail. I notice that the phone now has PRL 20266, which I hadn't noticed before, but I'm not sure whether this did a PRL update.

    I should have been farther from the Sprint tower at O'Hare where the update worked than I am at home where the update failed. Very peculiar.

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